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Travel like a rock star

 People always ask me how Kenny and I get to travel so much and do it so lavishly..... Let me back up I traveled all through my 20s for work. I went to some of the most amazing places and saw the most amazing things. When Kenny came along I wasn't about to give up my love of travel nor was I going to give up my quality of travel. Enter Hotels Ect. Hotels Ect allows you to book luxury vacations and non-luxury prices. You can get travel deals all over the world. You can book just a hotel or your entire vacation. Now don't let the name fool ya Hotels Ect is a catch-all for all things travel and then some. You can get discounts on everything from hotels and short-term vacation home rentals to movie tickets, theme parks, rental cars, full vacation packages, and even car repairs. If you can dream of a destination Hotels Ect can get you a deal. https://www.hotelsetc.com

Membership-based travel sites are a bit different than other travel sites. Most times the free travel sites all have the same prices within a few dollars of each other. Membership-based sites like Hotels Ect are able to offer the same rooms, vacations, flights, and services for much deeper discounts.  

With your membership, you get access to local deals as well. I actually check my locals deals a few times a day. You can get local deals on everything from food to tires. In addition to deep, members-only travel discounts, as a member of Hotels Etc, you get access to our top-notch travel concierge service team. So start traveling like a rockstar and join

Thank You God


Sometimes I just sit and think about how thankful I am for the life God has given me. I'm not the same person I was 20 years ago. I don't think any of us are. I'm happy and blessed to be able to have a life with my family. I am thankful for them even tho sometimes they make me crazy. I thank God daily that we are all able to be together. Over the last few months, I have truly started to understand how blessed I have been and continue to be. Quarantine and being "stuck" at home has allowed me to do a lot of thinking, reflecting, and praying. I've had friends who have lost loved ones to Covid-19. I've seen friends get sick. It's all so scary. Sometimes my nerves are so messed up that I can't even eat. Worrying about my family members who are in those Covid danger zones. Praying and begging that we will all come out of this alive and healthy. Praying that I come out of this alive and healthy because I take care of all of them. If something happens to me, then what? What happens to my family if I'm not there to take care of them? These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night during a pandemic. I'm sure some of you can relate BUT we will all get through it the best we know-how. We just have to put it in the hands of God. Be blessed and know you're not alone. 


2020 ..... we're not going anywhere

 Since all of our travel has pretty much been canceled I thought I'd take you on the journey of planning our next Disney Cruise!!! 

Peacefulness of Lake Las Vegas

Disney On Ice


Springs Preserve

Christmas Fun