About Me

Welcome to my little slice of internet heaven. My name is Inza. I'm a 37 year old single mom. A year before my daughter was born (almost to the day) I started dating someone who promised to be my future. Little did I know the next 12 months would something that blogs are made from. At 22 weeks my unborn daughter and I were abandoned. At 39 weeks 5 days I went into labor. I delivered my daughter via emergency C-section. She spent the first week of her life in the NICU. Her bio father never bothered to even see her while she was in the NICU. To date he has never met her nor has he made an attempt to see her. My amazingly beautiful baby girl. My world. This blog started out as a way to chronicle my pregnancy now it's going to be about Kennady and I's journey as mother and daughter. Us against the world. It was a rocky start but if Kennady has proven anything to me it's that she's a fighter. Which makes me fight even harder for the both of us so she doesn't have to.

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