Bamboo Spoons REVIEW

Feeding a toddler is never easy. We did BLW (baby led weaning) with KC which was awesome but she got in the habit of eating with her hands which I totally don't mind BUT others seem to. She KNOWS how to eat with utensils but makes the choice not to. I guess she finds her hands faster. Who knows. These bamboo spoons are one of the few utensils that she will actually use on a routine basis. The handles make them easy for tiny hands to grip and the fact that the silicone spoon part comes off makes them super easy for me to clean. We love these things! 

 * I received these spoons in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

About the Product
  • Food-grade organic silicone/bamboo hybrid spoons (5 piece) in a smooth finished handcrafted box with magnetic lid enclosure
  • Are you looking for a unique baby gift idea for a baby shower? This set is made of the best quality organic and biodegradable bamboo--it will be sure to impress
  • Perfect in size for infants and toddlers learning to self feed. The wide flexible tips help kids learn to coordinate and balance food better than the typical narrow spoon on the market
  • Our training spoons are 5.5 inches long, lightweight, food-grade and BPA free. They are soft, flexible and free of toxins or plastics
  • The dishwasher safe silicon spoon heads must be periodically detached for cleaning; the wood handles must be hand washed only

Castle plate REVIEW!

I'm always looking for ways to make meal time more fun for my tiny human. With all her allergies  she doesn't always get to eat all the fun foods that all the other kids get to eat. She LOVES this castle plate. It's made with high quality stainless steel. It has a good weight to itIt's not that cheap tin type of material. Not like the ones you get in the big box retail stores. The bottom 3 sections are a good size for something like a main dish , fruits or veggies. I use the two "castle peeks" for more of the fun stuff like little cookies or gummie bears. Things that your kids love but they don't really need a lot of. we've had the plate awhile now and have used and washed it daily and it still looks as great as the day it arrived. My daughter has dropped it and thrown it and it's still perfect. We love it.

*I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion*

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • Tired of using plastic plates? Even if BPA free - plastic plates should be avoided. But all the 'fun' kids' plates are plastic! Finally, a SAFE & FUN plate that is sure to be everyone's favorite. Here's why-
    • Unique Shape -- The castle (house) shape is fun for ALL, even for those picky eaters! Great modern look- not the typical mirror finish. A non-plastic, dye free, plate that makes mealtime exciting and safe.
    • Convenient -- 5 separate sections prevent food from mixing. Perfect for different food groups. Also great for portion control with smaller sections for dips or desserts. The raised edge helps young children learn to eat independently without food sliding or falling out.
    • Durable & Safe -- Made with the highest quality, food grade, stainless steel #304 (18/8). Drop tested- will not scratch, break, chip, rust or dent. No black spots like the cheaper stainless steel plates. Nontoxic and free of ANY hazardous materials.
    • Great for daily use and not just for kids! Comes in a decorative box that is gift ready! Makes a perfect gift for new parents, baby showers, baby's 1st birthday, Easter, Christmas, or any event.

    Goats.... chickens and sheep.. OH MY!

    I love that there is something always going on around here. I'm always looking on social media and in the news paper for different things to do with KC. I don't want her sitting in the house all day everyday. I found something called Family Fest on a website. It was a free event at the mall so I figured why not?!  I had wanted to go to the Farmer's Market anyway and it was being held in conjunction with the weekly Farmer's Market. I'm so glad we went. There was a petting zoo with goats, chickens , sheep and bunnies. I went by and let KC kinda hang out on the outside of the gate to see if she showed any interest. She did!!! So we walked around to a few booths and got tons of freebies then made our way back to the petting zoo. We paid the fee and went on in. KC made quick friends with an adorable goat. Mr goat and KC wouldn't leave each other. They were so cute together.  They walked around together and everything. Then she met Mr sheep and she just stood there patting his wool and looking at me with this look of awe on her face. I love that look! The look oh wow mom this is new and pretty neat.

    We ended our day with a lovely gluten free , nut free and dairy free lunch and a walk around the indoor farmer's market. Yummy food and fresh fruits and veggies, what more could you ask for on a lovely mommy and me day out? :)

    ActionFly Portable Mini 16 LED Night Using Selfie

    As a mom in the digital age I love taking pictures of my tiny human.It's always so hard to get the perfect lighting for selfies tho. This light takes care of that problem. It has three different options for light levels giving you the optimum light for whatever low light  situation you're in. It's super easy to use and very compact. The only complaint I have is that with the Iphone the head phone jack is on the bottom. So when you plug the unit in it's at the bottom of the phone. So it lights the bottom half of your pictures which isn't flattering. In order to get proper lighting with the Iphone you have to turn the phone up side down. Which of course makes the picture up side down. You have to rotate it using the editing options. It's just an extra step or two but I feel like people should know about that. Other than that I think this unit is awesome!

    *I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

    Here's what the company has to say about their product:

    • With the kind of self-timer devices getting diverse, people who like autodyne have demands on the self-timer effect. However, when you are highly interested to do autodyne (in KTV party, bars, concerts, rainy weather and so on),you will find that its effect is particularly poor. The front camera of cellphone do not often take distinctive photos for you, but this LED fill light can make up for the shortcomings and help you get an perfect effect
    • With 3 adjustable brightness, manual switch "on/off"
    • Rechargeable battery inside, no need to drain your device's battery
    • No red eye: easily have natural flash,let you take better photos it is a multi feature very small and handy speedlite.
    • Compatible: For ios system can suit for ios 6, 7, 8 versions For android system can fit for 4.0 or higher version For window 8.0 and higher version

    Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser REVIEW!

    My tiny princess  loves this thing. It makes her WANT to wash her hands. I love that it squirts out a small amount of soap. The perfect amount to wash your hands and not waste anything. It's easy to setup, fill and use. KC loves sticking her hand under there to get the soap to come out. It has saved me a lot of mess and clean up. With the pump soap bottles KC would try to push it as many times as her little hand would let her and would melt down when I'd tell her no. So this saves on clean up and melt downs lol Overall a great product.

     * I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

    Here's what the company has to say about their product:
    • INNOVATIVE TOUCH-FREE MOTION SENSOR - Our innovative technology provides a sanitary, no-touch and easy-to-use experience that will avoid the spread of germs and viruses. Activated when needed (unlike others that are too sensitive and can have spillages).
    • EASY TO USE (GREAT FOR KIDS) - They will love this! Simply place your hand under the sensor and watch the soap automatically dispense. The smart motion will encourage the kids to wash their hands regularly.
    • MONEY SAVER: Conserve your cash! Our soap automatic dispenser releases just the right amount of soap needed. There are 3 VOLUME MEASUREMENT SETTINGS to allow you to control the perfect amount of soap for you. No more spillages!
    • WORKS WITH ANY SOAP - The EVA automatic soap dispenser is designed to work with your favorite liquid soap or hand sanitizer.
    • CONTEMPORARY SLEEK DESIGN - The brushed stainless steel looks fabulous in any bathroom or kitchen sink. The SMUDGE RESISTANT coating will make it EASY TO CLEAN and help maintain its great condition.

    Car Baby Mirror - Rear Facing by DRIVE REVIEW!

    My tiny princess will be rear facing in her car seat until she out grows the rear facing limits on all of her car seats. Being able to see her from the front seat is awesome.  I love this cute little mirror. We've had a ton of mirrors over the last two years and this one is one of my favorites. It has an adorable giraffe on it. KC loves looking at and talking to the giraffe . It's super easy to install and adjust. The blue part is ultra soft so if it does become a projectile there are soft parts on the mirror. The reflective part IS hard plastic so keep that in mind. Overall an awesome product.

    *I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

    See what the company has has to say about their product:

    We believe this Rear Facing Baby Mirror from DRIVE Baby stands out from the crowd with its hand crafted stuffed lion and giraffe corner piece.  The snuggly soft premium quality mirror is tested safe and non-hazardous certified.  You're going to love seeing the crystal clear reflection of your child in the adjustable shatterproof acrylic mirror.

    Don't be fooled by it's gentle appearance...  A functional design made with high-end components are primary to this must have new baby accessories for moms and dads.  Drive Auto Products evaluates existing products for design errors, and then re-engineers features to bring affordable a luxury accessory to market.

    In this case in particular the adjustable strap is made with both vertical and horizontal adjustment straps to help you set it up and KEEP it up.  Many other mirrors in this category skimp here, and after driving over a few bumps it shifts or worse, falls down completely. 

    Consignment sale.....or not

    I was sitting here going through stuff to tag and get ready for the next consignment sale. When I was pregnant my BFF got me this adorable Graco travel system. I sold the car seat that matched at the last sale but for some reason I didn't feel like selling the stroller. I have many other strollers at this point and hardly ever use the Graco so why not sell it? Right? Wrong! As I was sitting here wrestling back and forth about selling it I realized why I was so attached to it. This stroller is the first thing I ever put together all on my own for Kennady. I remember sitting outside my mom's house in the driveway. I pulled the car seat out of the box and installed it in the car. Then I pulled the stroller and all it's pieces out of the box and laid them in the driveway. I was out there pregnant and all alone. I got to work. It had been years since I put a stroller together and I'd never had to do it by myself. So this was all new to me. Slowly but surely it started to look like a stroller. When I finished it I was so proud of myself. I remember thinking HEY I DID IT!!!

    So yeah I think the ole Graco will be sticking around for awhile longer. I really do look at it as an accomplishment since before Kennady I'd never had to put ANYTHING together on my own. People always did it for me or we paid someone to do it. It's been important to me to put everything for Kennady together by myself. #GirlPower Well everything but her new slide. F*ck that slide!!! Who the hell has a random block of wood laying around to put a slide together? Kennady's Auntie Janet ended up putting it together using a big rock. Whatever she loves it and it's in one piece! That's all I wanted.

    Kennady's first ride in her travel system We went grocery shopping. 
    Before that I'd just been taking her car seat everywhere. 


    Potty Cover REVIEW!!!

    I love these things. As the mother of a potty training toddler sometimes I would stay home to avoid my daughter having to use nasty public toilets. I had other seat covers and they just didn't "cover" enough for my liking. When I got the Potty Covers I was very excited. When folded they are fit perfectly into my diaper bag or purse but don't let the small folded size fool you. When you unfold them they are huge. They fully cover most public toilets. I haven't found one that they don't cover yet. They are easy to use and then you just toss them. You literally just lay them on the toilet and "go". These are always in my diaper bag! Overall this is an amazing product.

    * I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

    Here's what the company has to say about their product:

    • Provides a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child.
    • Oversized design provides maximum coverage by covering the sides and the front of the toilet.
    • Soft non-woven fabric for comfort, coated with a layer of plastic to keep germs and wetness away.
    • Individually wrapped for parents on-the-go.
    • Stays on the toilet without any messy adhesive strips.

    L'Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil

    I have really dry curly hair. I always have to use a number of different products on it to make it look nice and keep it hydrated. I got this system in the mail and thought hey why not. I used the shampoo and conditioner as directed (yeah yeah yeah I read the instructions). My hair felt nice and was easy to comb through. I next used the "mask". You leave it on for a few minutes to allow it to set then you rinse it out. I combed through it like I normally do after washing and is felt silky smooth and soft. I let my hair air dry. My curls were defined and super soft. I put some After Party by Bed Head on it and that was all. I love this stuff. My hair isn't weighted down like before.

    * I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

    Can she hear?

    I'm not sure if I have talked about this before but Kennady has yet to start talking. She's in speech therapy and all that good stuff. Last week she had her appointment with the ENT and audiologist. It was an interesting appointment. I had heard all sorts of horror stories about the hearing tests for toddlers. I was slightly afraid since KC hates having people touch her ears.  We arrived early so I could do the paper work. Thankfully my mom was able to come with me and "toddler wrangle" if need be while I filled out forms. Since it was so early in the morning Kennady sat in her stroller and ate her gluten free waffles for awhile. Which was awesome. Then the office assistant turned on Curious George and life was even better for my tiny human.

    They called us in for a weight and height check. I was thrilled that she now stands on the big girl scale like a pro! After that we were taken to the room with the sound booth. They sat me in a chair in the middle of the booth and put Kennady on my lap. It was simple they'd play a sound and she was to look towards where she heard the sound coming from. They shut the door and the sounds started. She looked toward every sound. I wanted to cry because I had been really worried. Then came the melt down part. They had to stick this thing in her ear to take pictures of her ear drums. That required me to hold her in like a bear hug with one hand and hold her head still with the other hand. I needed to grow 4 more arms lol My mom couldn't come inside the booth because there really wasn't room. After all that was over she nursed and all was right with the world again.

    Next stop was the doctor. He looked at the results of the hearing test and said he thought everything was fine but explained that she could have a hearing issue in one ear but they couldn't tell due to her age and the inability for her to keep head phones on for a long period of time. Maybe I should say her 2 year old unwillingness to keep the head phones on lol Then he wanted to look into her hears. My mom and I both had to hold her down. My mom had to hold her feet so she didn't kick the doctor in a "sensitive" area and I was holding her arms down and trying to keep her head still. He was happy with what he saw and said "see you in two years".

    So basically my two year old has selective hearing (so do I lol) and makes the choice to ignore me at certain points. So yeah she's just a normal two year old. Thank God such a blessing.

    Oh and I think I might need MY hearing checked because a few of the sounds I was like WHERE are those coming from lol Oy!