Purifyou Premium Reusable Produce Bags REVIEW!!

I love a good multi purpose product. Not only am I able to store my fruits and veggies in these mesh bags they are also great for a number of other things. We went to the beach last week and these bags were great to put my daughter's clothes in. Being mesh I just shook the bag (with her sandy clothes in it) and the sand just came falling out. They are great quality. The material is heavy duty but still allows air and such to circulate through the bag. Overall a great product.

*I received these bags in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product: 

  • IT'S TIME to make life pure again, one grocery trip at a time, with purifyou's Premium Reusable Produce Bags. Our produce bags are machine washable, and come with the most vibrant pastel tag colors. Our bags are also made in a facility free from harmful manufacturing chemicals and with the highest standards of quality control.
  • Each set includes a whopping 9 mesh bags and three different sizes: two 12x17inch bags for items like those lengthy leeks or English cucumbers, two 12x8inch bags for smaller items like juicy organic lemons or fresh raw almonds, and five 12x14inch bags for everything else in between. With 9 different bags of various sizes, your shopping cart has room for every craving in the family.
  • Our premium bags work great for produce, but with so many different sizes, you just might find all sorts of household items to use them for, from the little guy's Legos to Grandma's favorite stamp collection. Not to mention they also work great for gym clothes, school lunches, camping trips, and even that road trip you've been waiting to take. Our 12x17 inch bag can hold anything up to a lengthy 21 inches when placed in the bag diagonally.
  • With purifyou's set of premium produce bags, those hard-to-open unbreathable plastic bags you had to chase down in the produce isle are a thing of the past. Save even more time too with the ability to place your produce straight into your fridge, bag and all. Not only that, but the breathable fabric will also extend the life of your produce.

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