Iphone Arm Band REVIEW

I have wanted these for a long time now. Kennady and I walk every evening and I always sorry about losing or dropping my phone. So this Iphone Arm Band is my new must have walking accessory. The band is made from high quality materials. So you don't have to worry about it ripping WITH proper care. It fits great on all sizes of arms. I'm a chunky girl and it fit me just fine with a lot of left over room. I personally love this arm band and will be keeping it in my diaper bag just in case I need it. 

*I received this free of charge in exchange for my 100% honest review *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:
iPhone 6 Sports Armband 
If you've ever been out running and tried to listen to music or send a quick text while taking a breather you know its almost impossible to use your phone without covering it with sweat or worse dropping it along the way! Now with this armband you can safely interact with your touch screen and listen to your favorite music :)

Compatibility and Use
Use your armband with the iPhone 6 4.7 inch phone. You can wear it over your biceps or on your forearm. The night reflector provides additional visibility for outdoor early morning and evening runs and there's even a key holder which we all know can be a lifesaver. This armband is also great for high intensity workouts, yoga or even casual walking or outdoor activities.

Precision and Protection
The touchscreen is fully accessible through the plastic cover. The armband pouch and cover keeps your iPhone safe from impact and moisture while working out.

This armband is lightweight and fits arm sizes from approx. 9 to 15 inches. Also we recommend that you use this armband without a case.

Material and Care
Made of nylon, velcro and neoprene materials. Armband can be safely hand washed and air dried after use. We do NOT recommend machine washing your armband as this could cause damage.


Burlington Coat Factory Haul VIDEO

I love all things discount so I took a tip to Burlington Coat Factory to take a look around. I found a few great items for the baby and I. Take a look at the goodies I found. 

Keep on shoppin'


Paper Flower Pom REVIEW

My mom is as crafty as they come. So as soon as I saw these I knew I wanted to get them, have her put them together and put them in my tiny human's new purple themed bedroom. My daughter and I love all things purple. The flowers came in the mail in a package of 7 in two different sizes. They're easy to put together. So easy that even I was able to put them together. You literally unfold them and puff the petals out. They come with long strings that I call "stems" that I wrapped around nails on the wall to hold them. You can also use some sort of double sided tapes to attach them to walls. I just already had the nails there. The colors are bright and vibrant. The tissue paper is a thicker kind of paper. Not that standard cheap stuff you put into gift bags. 

These would be great to decorate for a party or wedding. You could even set a candle in the middle of the flower to add a bit of  elegance to any table-scape (thank you Sandra Lee). 

*I received these free of charge in exchange for my 100% honest review*


Cellulite Cream REVIEW

Now I'm not a believer in all the snake oil products that people are trying to sell to women now BUT when this was sent me to for testing purposes I tried to keep an open mind and I'm glad I did. One thing I found  out about having a baby after 30 was your body doesn't always just bounce back like it used to. With stretch marks came the dreaded cellulite. I made it 33 years without having much of it but after my princess was born holy crap my thighs and butt looked like someone had been poking holes in it or something.

 I started using this lotion about a month ago. Again I tried to have an open mind. Slowly but surly I started seeing fewer and fewer of those nasty little dimples. My skin felt softer and tighter.I was beyond shocked and NO I won't post pictures of my dimpled up legs , thighs and/or butt. I said there were fewer dimples not that they were totally gone. At the rate we're going they'll be gone by the time I finish the bottle if not sooner. MAYBE and only maybe then will I take pictures of my legs.

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for my 100% honest opinion*

Here's what the manufacturer has to say about their product:

SpalonTech Cellulite Reduction Cream is a powerful solution that is going to help you with tightening and toning your skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This is a Professional Strength Formula we are NOT water based.  Our #1 Ingredient is Organic Aloe and #2 is Pure Coconut Oil, which leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized and with No Sticky, Greasy Feeling after you apply it on your body.

SpalonTech Cellulite Reduction Cream is:
Safe & Effective for all Skin types, including sensitive skin.  
We are Paraben Free.
Smells Great, Light Citrus Smell.
Gentle & Non Sticky.
Abundant in anti-oxidants to Fight Inflammation. 


Neon Bone Yard

I love all things Las Vegas history so of course I had to make a trip to the Neon Bone Yard. For those who don't know what the Neon Bone Yard is here's a bit of history....

The Neon Museum officially “opened” with the installation of its first restored sign, the Hacienda Horse and Rider, at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.
In 2012 the Neon Museum Boneyard opened at 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North.  The nearly two-acre campus includes an outdoor exhibition space, known as the Boneyard, which features more than 150 signs, seven of which are restored, a visitors' center housed inside the former La Concha Motel lobby and the Neon Boneyard North Gallery which houses additional rescued signs and is used for weddings, special events, photo shoots and educational programs.
Hour long docent-guided tours of the Neon Boneyard are available seven days a week.
The Museum includes nine restored signs which can be viewed as public art and visited on a self-guided tour twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The gallery includes the Lucky Cuss Motel, the Bow & Arrow Motel, The Silver Slipper, Society Cleaners, Binion's Horseshoe, the Normandie Motel, the Hacienda horse and rider, the Landmark and 5th Street Liquors


Seeing the old signs in person was beyond amazing. I was quite thrilled with myself that I knew what most of the signs were before the museum's docent explained them to us. Most of the current Las Vegas signs are the fancy LED lights so it's neat to see how it all started. It all started with tubes of neon in a town that years later would be the premier vacation destination for millions of people every year. We're blessed enough to call this place home.


GIVEAWAY!!!! PECHAM PS-135 3 USB Car Charger 6.8A / 34W

This is a giveaway for a 3 USB port car charger. The winner pays NOTHING!

 Here is a bit about the product. 1: Used synchronous rectifier chip, high current iron silicon aluminum inductance, high efficiency and low fever. 2: Materials used all copper USB socket, service life is longer, SANYO solid high-molecular polymer capacitance to ensure the pure power supply for charging equipment. 3: 3 ports full automatic charging topspeed output, perfect compatible with the main current USB charging equipments (mobile phone, tablet). 4: according to the requirements to configure various types of connection cables, compatible with many electronic products, including: smartphone / tablet PC / navigator /PDA/PSP/MP3/MP4/GPS etc., applicable in / train all 12V 24V output of cars /SUV/ bus. 5: high surface gloss injection molding process, wear resistance, high gloss, seamless integration design, integrated with your car, a perfect match, highlighting high-end distinguished. Premium design - Made of top-grade aluminium alloy. - Use cowling to keep temperatures low,ensuring stable working conditions,a long lifespan and a low-temperature charging environment. Safety and reliable features - Automatic stops charging when there is a danger of overcharging or lower/over voltage that prevent damage from overheating, overcurrenting,and overcharging. Specifications: - Input: DC 12~24V - Output: DC 5.0V/6.8A - Size: 1.37x0.94x2.36 (inch) - Weight: 28g/0.98oz a Rafflecopter giveaway

FitBit Silicone Fasteners REVIEW

Let me start by saving I love my FitBit! As of right now it has been misplaced by a happy toddler and an overly tired mommy. So somewhere in my house there is a FitBit with colored fasteners on it crying to be loved.  

These silicone fasteners are super easy to use. You literally just slip them on and snap your FitBit closed like you normally do. They're made from high quality silicone in bright colors. These things are great. I changed them depending on what outfit I was wearing. They're a fun accent to your FitBit. 

Here's what the company has to say about their product. 

Allbingo Silicone Fasteners for Fitbit Flex / Charge Wristband

  • FITS FITBIT FLEX ONLY- Specially designed to fit the Fitbit Flex ONLY. Tracker or Wristband NOT included
    EXTRA PROTECTION TO YOUR FITBIT FLEX- Never lose your FitBit Flex. Allow you to concentrate on your exercises and enjoy your active lifestyle
    12 PCS- Six different colors( 2x Black; 2x White; 2x Blue; 2x Purple; 2x Light Blue; 2x Pink)
    MIX AND MATCH COLORS- Different colors different lifestyles, be what you want to be, choose the colors you like
    A MUST FOR YOUR FITBIT FLEX- Simple and functional, slide the ring over the clasp when you put on your wristband, simple as that



Britax has just informed us that they are conducting a voluntary safety recall today on certain Advocate ClickTight, Boulevard ClickTight, and Marathon ClickTight model CONVERTIBLE car seats manufactured between August 1, 2014 and July 29, 2015. These car seats may contain a defect with the red harness adjuster button, which would pose a safety hazard. They have assured us that if you own one of these models, you may continue to safely use your car seat as long as you check and confirm that the shoulder harness straps remain tensioned when securing your child in the car seat. The attached image to this post indicates the model numbers included in this voluntary safety recall.
* If your model # IS NOT on the list, your car seat is NOT included in the recall.
* If your model # IS on the list and your car seat IS registered with Britax, they will be automatically sending you a remedy kit with further instructions within the next 7-10 business days.
* If your model # IS on the list and you are NOT registered with Britax, please register on-line at www.BritaxClickTightConvertibleRecall.com.
If you have further questions, please contact Britax directly at 1-888-427-4829 (choose option 3) or if you are outside of the U.S. and Canada you should call 704-409-1699 or email Britax.Recall@britax.com.

No more tangles

My tiny human and I both have naturally curly hair. Keeping it tangle free is next to impossible. I received this bottle of Attitude hair detangler in my Nurture VoxBox and I love it. I'm very careful what I put on Kennady's hair due to allergies but this stuff worked on my hair AND her hair. I sprayed it on and combed it through. Bye bye tangles. It doesn't leave a waxy or slimy residue on your hair. It also doesn't have a "chemical" smell which so many hair products now have. This smells light and natural. 



Uncle Bens

I'm a rice lover. I'll pretty much eat rice anyway you'll cook it.  I was lucky enough to get a free box of Uncle Ben's Brown Rice and Quinoa Roasted Red Pepper from Influenster in my Nurture VoxBox. This stuff was amazing and super simple to make. Normally I'm what I like to call "Box Stupid". If it comes in a box I will some how mess it up. I can cook from scratch all day but hand me a box and I go all stupid lol.  I made the rice and pan cooked some shrimp olive oil  after soaking it in lemon juice for about 3 minutes. It was so yummy and Kennady loved it. Which is always the best test. 

#BeginWithBen   http://www.facebook.com/unclebens


Nurture Vox box

Here is my ultra fabulous Nurture Vox Box from Influenster. I love this box so much. My entire family loved it. I get these boxes free of charge in exchange for reviews.

The box includes products from the following companies 


This is one of the best boxes so far I can't wait to dig in to all the goodies. I'll keep you posted. 


CacheAlaska Iphone6 Plus phone case with kick stand REVIEW

My tiny human loves to watch her videos while we're out and about. This phone case allows me to prop the phone up so she can watch her Charlie and the Numbers and be just as happy. This case is durable and easy to use. Check out my review and install video below to see just how great this case is. 

* I received this case free of charge in exchange for my 100% honest review *

Here's what the manufacturer has to say about the product.
~~THE BEST IPHONE 6 PLUS KICKSTAND CASE! - Turns your apple 6 plus into a Mobile Entertainment Center, the best protection and best price.
• HIGHEST QUALITY! - The Rugged Kickstand and Slim Fit sets this case apart from the others that either have a flimsy kickstand that will break or are too bulky to keep in your pocket.
• SCREEN PROTECTOR INCLUDED! - Easy to install directions, keeps your screen scratch and dirt free.
• ARMORED PROTECTION! - The TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) soft inner layer hugs the iphone 6 plus perfectly and adds a nice feel/grip to the phone. The polycarbonate outer shell provides exceptional protection especially at the corners, where the phone is likely to be damaged in the event of a drop.
• THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL! - Don't skimp on Protection. The hand grenade grip design will prevent your apple phone from slipping from your hand or pocket.

Inza's Mommy Must Haves Part: 2

This is part 2 of my personal "Mommy must haves".

6. Baby transport device:  I say that because some people like to baby wear and others enjoy strollers. When looking for a stroller go in store and test them out. If you will be using the stroller daily or close to you want something that has a great push , comfy seat , folds nicely and you can attach your car seat too if you choose an infant bucket seat. I personally say skip the travel system. I have a lovely Graco travel system that my daughter's Godmother purchased for my baby shower. I love it but it and still use it but it's kind of bulky and doesn't have the greatest push. The Graco car seat on the other hand rocks! So what I did was I went and found a stroller with great tires, an amazing push , easy fold and had a Graco car seat adapter. I ended up getting two Bugaboo strollers. For baby wearing you want to get a carrier that has a ergonomic seat for baby, fits your waist and shoulders comfortably and is easy to use when you're alone with baby.  I tried on many carriers. I went to Mommy-con and tried on the LilleBaby Airflow carrier. I fell head over heels in love. Living in Las Vegas the heat can be killer. So the airflow has been just wonderful. Go to stores and try the carriers on. What feels right for one person may not feel right for another. It's all about comfort and budget. Buying gently loved items is always an option as well. Look for your local or semi local consignment sales. I love using the site Consignment Mommies  to keep up on what consignment sales are coming up.

7. Baby Swing: This for me was a God send. My daughter loves to swing. We had two swings (one upstairs and one down stairs). Our main swing was a Fisher Price swing. It was rather large but we put it in the living room so it was ok. You want a swing that will be comfy for your baby and is within your budget. Do you want it to play music? Have lights? Have different swinging speeds? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

8. Boppy Pillow :  While it doesn't need to be a Boppy brand pillow I say get some sort of nursing/feeding pillow. It helped my back and kept Kennady comfortable while nursing. My bottle feeding friends also said that feeding pillows were helpful for them. I found that you're not nearly as hunched over while feeding with a nursing pillow. These pillows are NOT FOR SLEEPING. Do not allow your children to just randomly sleep on them while not nursing. 

9. Swaddle Blankets: You want blankets that can be used for multiple things. I like the Aden and Anais  muslin blankets. You can swaddle with them, they're extra soft and can be used as regular blankets as well. I used them to cover my daughter's infant car seat as well when we were out in the sun. 

10.  Bottles / Breastfeeding Supplies: These are also a personal preference. My daughter has never taken a bottle since she left the NICU. For me she only wanted mama milk directly from the tap lol  Try out different things see what works. For nursing moms I'd highly suggest Pumpin' Pals if you are going to have to pump at some point. They make pumping feel much more comfortable. Many of my bottle feeding friends have had good luck with the Dr. Brown bottles with the air filters. 

I hope this list has helped you a little bit. I've found that most of the things baby stores and websites tell us we need  we end up either not using or only using a handful of times. 


Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses

I used to be a light weight social drinker. I enjoyed a great Port wine but as of lately I haven't been drinking anything stronger but sparkling cider and juice. Wine is made from grapes and so is grape juice so that's close, right? When these glasses came in the mail from Valentina Paris I was excited to say the least. Right now my house is filled with all things plastic and toddler proof. So these glasses were a real treat for me. When you pull them out of the box you notice they are larger than your "normal" wine glasses that you see in many stores. They are more the size that you'd see at a good winery tasting up in Napa or Sonoma. The glass is made of high quality glass and the colors used to paint the glass are vibrant and beautiful. The stem is thick enough to where you don't feel like you'll break it if you hold it too firmly. Overall this is an amazing glass. I used it for a nice glass of sparkling cider after a long day. It was lovely. Now to find a place high enough to put them so my tiny human wont break them.

*I received these glasses free of charge in exchange for my honest review*

Here's what the manufacturers have to say about their glasses.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Valentina Paris wine glasses are a work of art, each unique and unrepeatable that will make your wine taste incredible, your dinners elegant, and your living space look even more amazing.
ELEGANT DESIGN: These tall wine glasses will single-handedly enhance your table at the same time dazzle your guests. The narrow, tall stem makes them comfortable to hold in your hand.
MAXIMIZE YOUR ENJOYMENT: Our mouth-blown wine glasses are specially-designed to let the wine breathe, so you can swirl the wine and smell its aroma well before tasting. Shaped to make each sip breathtakingly delicious, our glass balances smell, taste, and appearance.
ARTISTICALLY DESIGNED: Valentina Paris artists' design each wine glass in Paris. Home to some of the most artistically-sound crafters in the world, each of our mouth-blown, hand-painted wine glasses will always be original and unique.

If you're ready for the perfect wine-tasting experience, enhance the personality of your wine with a wine glass from Valentina Paris.

Enjoying wine is more than just imbibing in delicious alcohol-it's about embracing a sophisticated lifestyle that embodies exclusivity and luxury. Wine embodies passion, excellence, and sophistication; all qualities you'll find in each and every one of our wine glasses. We create works of art that not only enhance the drinking experience, but the entire ambiance in the room. Using the time-honored tradition of mouth-blown glass, our professional artists hand paint each design to ensure high-quality durability and elegance. And because of our superior design, our glasses are a perfect match for any occasion, be it an elegant dinner, casual get together, or relaxing evening with a good book.

Here are a few more of our wonderful features: 
 Enhances red and white wines 
 Designed in Paris by professional designers 
 Great birthday, wedding, housewarming, bachelor, or host gift


Just like the winemakers or vintners carefully craft each bottle of delicious wine, so too will you find the same experience, passion, and standard of excellence put into every single one of our wine glasses. Get your own unique pair of wine glasses today and experience what it truly means to enjoy wine. 

Get your own set of these beautiful hand painted glasses at Valentina Paris