Inza's Mommy Must Haves Part: 2

This is part 2 of my personal "Mommy must haves".

6. Baby transport device:  I say that because some people like to baby wear and others enjoy strollers. When looking for a stroller go in store and test them out. If you will be using the stroller daily or close to you want something that has a great push , comfy seat , folds nicely and you can attach your car seat too if you choose an infant bucket seat. I personally say skip the travel system. I have a lovely Graco travel system that my daughter's Godmother purchased for my baby shower. I love it but it and still use it but it's kind of bulky and doesn't have the greatest push. The Graco car seat on the other hand rocks! So what I did was I went and found a stroller with great tires, an amazing push , easy fold and had a Graco car seat adapter. I ended up getting two Bugaboo strollers. For baby wearing you want to get a carrier that has a ergonomic seat for baby, fits your waist and shoulders comfortably and is easy to use when you're alone with baby.  I tried on many carriers. I went to Mommy-con and tried on the LilleBaby Airflow carrier. I fell head over heels in love. Living in Las Vegas the heat can be killer. So the airflow has been just wonderful. Go to stores and try the carriers on. What feels right for one person may not feel right for another. It's all about comfort and budget. Buying gently loved items is always an option as well. Look for your local or semi local consignment sales. I love using the site Consignment Mommies  to keep up on what consignment sales are coming up.

7. Baby Swing: This for me was a God send. My daughter loves to swing. We had two swings (one upstairs and one down stairs). Our main swing was a Fisher Price swing. It was rather large but we put it in the living room so it was ok. You want a swing that will be comfy for your baby and is within your budget. Do you want it to play music? Have lights? Have different swinging speeds? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

8. Boppy Pillow :  While it doesn't need to be a Boppy brand pillow I say get some sort of nursing/feeding pillow. It helped my back and kept Kennady comfortable while nursing. My bottle feeding friends also said that feeding pillows were helpful for them. I found that you're not nearly as hunched over while feeding with a nursing pillow. These pillows are NOT FOR SLEEPING. Do not allow your children to just randomly sleep on them while not nursing. 

9. Swaddle Blankets: You want blankets that can be used for multiple things. I like the Aden and Anais  muslin blankets. You can swaddle with them, they're extra soft and can be used as regular blankets as well. I used them to cover my daughter's infant car seat as well when we were out in the sun. 

10.  Bottles / Breastfeeding Supplies: These are also a personal preference. My daughter has never taken a bottle since she left the NICU. For me she only wanted mama milk directly from the tap lol  Try out different things see what works. For nursing moms I'd highly suggest Pumpin' Pals if you are going to have to pump at some point. They make pumping feel much more comfortable. Many of my bottle feeding friends have had good luck with the Dr. Brown bottles with the air filters. 

I hope this list has helped you a little bit. I've found that most of the things baby stores and websites tell us we need  we end up either not using or only using a handful of times. 


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