Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses

I used to be a light weight social drinker. I enjoyed a great Port wine but as of lately I haven't been drinking anything stronger but sparkling cider and juice. Wine is made from grapes and so is grape juice so that's close, right? When these glasses came in the mail from Valentina Paris I was excited to say the least. Right now my house is filled with all things plastic and toddler proof. So these glasses were a real treat for me. When you pull them out of the box you notice they are larger than your "normal" wine glasses that you see in many stores. They are more the size that you'd see at a good winery tasting up in Napa or Sonoma. The glass is made of high quality glass and the colors used to paint the glass are vibrant and beautiful. The stem is thick enough to where you don't feel like you'll break it if you hold it too firmly. Overall this is an amazing glass. I used it for a nice glass of sparkling cider after a long day. It was lovely. Now to find a place high enough to put them so my tiny human wont break them.

*I received these glasses free of charge in exchange for my honest review*

Here's what the manufacturers have to say about their glasses.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Valentina Paris wine glasses are a work of art, each unique and unrepeatable that will make your wine taste incredible, your dinners elegant, and your living space look even more amazing.
ELEGANT DESIGN: These tall wine glasses will single-handedly enhance your table at the same time dazzle your guests. The narrow, tall stem makes them comfortable to hold in your hand.
MAXIMIZE YOUR ENJOYMENT: Our mouth-blown wine glasses are specially-designed to let the wine breathe, so you can swirl the wine and smell its aroma well before tasting. Shaped to make each sip breathtakingly delicious, our glass balances smell, taste, and appearance.
ARTISTICALLY DESIGNED: Valentina Paris artists' design each wine glass in Paris. Home to some of the most artistically-sound crafters in the world, each of our mouth-blown, hand-painted wine glasses will always be original and unique.

If you're ready for the perfect wine-tasting experience, enhance the personality of your wine with a wine glass from Valentina Paris.

Enjoying wine is more than just imbibing in delicious alcohol-it's about embracing a sophisticated lifestyle that embodies exclusivity and luxury. Wine embodies passion, excellence, and sophistication; all qualities you'll find in each and every one of our wine glasses. We create works of art that not only enhance the drinking experience, but the entire ambiance in the room. Using the time-honored tradition of mouth-blown glass, our professional artists hand paint each design to ensure high-quality durability and elegance. And because of our superior design, our glasses are a perfect match for any occasion, be it an elegant dinner, casual get together, or relaxing evening with a good book.

Here are a few more of our wonderful features: 
 Enhances red and white wines 
 Designed in Paris by professional designers 
 Great birthday, wedding, housewarming, bachelor, or host gift


Just like the winemakers or vintners carefully craft each bottle of delicious wine, so too will you find the same experience, passion, and standard of excellence put into every single one of our wine glasses. Get your own unique pair of wine glasses today and experience what it truly means to enjoy wine. 

Get your own set of these beautiful hand painted glasses at Valentina Paris 


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