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Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker Review

Much like other women I'm still trying to get my pre pregnancy body back. Yeah yeah yeah it's been 3 years since KC was born, I'm just a slow work in progress lol One of the things that has helped jump start my fitness has been my Trendy Pro fitness tracker. It's super easy to use (which for me is very important), comfortable to wear and super cute. It gives you all the information other trackers do but for a budget friendly price. The bands are changeable. Of course I had to pick the pink band. Overall this really is a great tracker. It's my new go to! 

*I received this tracker from the company but that does not effect my 100% honest review* 

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • STAND OUT! TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker features sleek beautiful design in 0.86 inch OLED HD display and soft flexible band in different colors. Pick your Fitness Tracker today and get 1 FREE BAND in your favorite color for yourself or as a gift. Free bands come in Blue, Pink, Purple / Plum or Turquoise / Teal. YES! You can now match your new accessory to your favorite sports outfit and LOOK TRENDY!
  • GET EMPOWERED! Features powerful functions that can be automatically synchronized via Bluetooth with free accompanying phone/tablet application. These included: Sleep, Distance, Calorie Counter Armband, Calories Burned Monitor, Pedometer, Exercise, Sedentary Reminder, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) Notifications, Call Notifications, SMS Text, Digital Camera Remote Control, Stopwatch, Find Your Phone.
  • YOU WILL GET MOTIVATED! The Exercise Band promotes exercise and healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep habits, fitness and exercise. Best to be used with a healthy diet, weight loss products and activities. You can now set your goals and see how you IMROVE WITH EACH STEP of the way to a HEALTHIER, MORE ACTIVE - YOU!
  • YOU'LL LOVE IT! Whether you are looking to get this Sports Wristband for yourself or for someone special, you care about, you won't regret it. It makes a great Healthy Lifestyle Pal, Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Father's Day Gift or Graduation Day Gift. Get two and GET FIT TOGETHER! Consider it for the whole family and compete on the number of steps each day. YOU WILL ALL WIN at the end!
  • ENJOY THE SIMPLICITY AND RELIABILITY! Whether you are a tech geek or stay at home Mom (or both!), your will set yourself up and start monitoring your activities in no time. The Sports Armband features a built-in USB charging plug. So, no more looking for charging cables or running out of batteries. All you need is the tracker and a USB port and your TRENDY PRO Wristband will be charged and ready to go in no time! Get it delivered fast and START A HEALTHIER LIFE NOW!

Ju-Ju-Be Pink Lady Get Together!!

We're finally home from an amazing trip to California.When
Ju-Ju-Be announced the dates for their Southern California get together I booked our hotel room right away. We weren't even quite sure where in Costa Mesa it was going to be but hey it's Ju-Ju-Be so whatever! lol

This trip was a little shorter than what we normally do when we travel to California. My daughter recently started preschool and I didn't want to pull her out an extra days seeing that it's her last week of school. So we only stayed 4 days. When we got in my friend had just been induced so I went over there to keep her company while labor progressed. After hours of no baby we headed back to the hotel (this was Thursday). Friday was the big Ju-Ju-Be Warehouse Sale which is always super fun and of course the deals are amazing!!! Friday night we were heading back to the hospital BUT kinda got side tracked. We ended up at a college friend's house for a bar b que and well that's where we stayed until around midnight. Our friend had her baby earlier  that evening. OOPS!! we kinda missed it lol

Saturday was the big Ju-Ju-Be Pink Lady Get Together. My best friend and Godmother to my daughter came with us this year. It was the first time she'd been. She and Kennady ran around having fun while I shopped at the customs table.

We all had so much fun. There were raffles, games, food, snow cones and lots and lots and lots of Pink Ladies. I had so much fun getting to know everyone and chatting with the beautiful ladies that I chat with and follow online. It's so cool to finally meet so many of the ladies I have bought things from through the b/s/t as well. Like HEY I bought my MiniBe from you!!! lol  I can't wait til next year!!!

Eeek I got to meet Taylor!!!

Farmer's Market time!

KC and I love going to all the different farmer's markets around town. This farmer's market was extra fun. They were having a kid festival where they had a train, balloon art, booths, food a petting zoo along with the amazing fruits and vegetables. KC  was able to do her favorite thing.....play with goats! I will never understand her love for goats but hey they make her happy and that's all I care about. We ran , played laughed and of course bought out weekly fruits and veggies. I love supporting our local farmers and businesses. Kennady even won a free swimming lesson at her swim school. Oh and yes , KC road the train FOUR times. Trains and goats.....she loves them both!  lol 

New what's in my bag video!!!

You know I love making packing videos! This time we're going through my newest diaper bag the Ju-Ju-Be Be Classy in the Out to Sea print. I'm slightly obsessed with this bag style. It holds so much and with me being an over packer especially when we're on vacation it's perfect. I'm actually shocked it was as organized as it was. I hadn't opened it since we arrived home a few days ago. I've been carrying my Ju-Ju-Be HoboBe lately. So lets go inside....video below.......

KidSpace Museum

I always like to take my tiny human to new places to explore. After looking for fun things to do in Pasadena I found the KidSpace Museum.  I was a little iffy on going at first as there were a few not so great reviews. Since it was in a good location with other things to do close by I figured why not. If it was a bust we'd still have a place to play and have fun. When we got there it didn't look like much from the outside so I got kind worried. When we walked through the totally cool tunnel to get to the ticket booth we were happily surprised. We headed right for the outdoor area. They have these really neat outdoor musical instruments. Of course Kennady loves anything that makes noise so she went right for them. She played and played until her heart was content THEN she saw the water! They have this cute little man made pond with a "waterfall" , rocks and seating. We walked over to the water and for the next hour that's where we stayed. Kennady laughed , squealed and jumped the entire time. Once I was able to drag her out of the water area we went back inside where she was able to climb on the super tall climbing "unit" (i'm not 100% sure what to call it lol) . We took goofy pictures in the photo booth with Auntie Danielle and of course headed BACK outside. This time we went to this huge covered area that had blue life size foam building blocks. This was her second favorite place at the museum. She stacked the blocks and knocked them down....stacked the blocks and knocked them down.... for over an hour. It was so much fun just watching her have  fun with such simple things. I think I had more fun outside than she did lol After the life size building blocks we went to the other side where she was able to ride  a foot powered tricycle and played in MORE water. By this point the museum was about to close. Kennady nor I really wanted to leave.We were both having too much fun. Next trip we will have to go earlier so we can spend all day there.

Having fun in the water. It was hard trying to find a picture of just her
so I tried to make sure all the other kids' faces weren't fully visible. 

Crafting again.....well sorta

I was looking for a fob for my diaper bag and I just wasn't finding the character or colors that I wanted. I sent my friend Kathy a message and asked her to make me a Toki inspired character and she did just that. Kathy is the owner of Bits of Joy .  She makes the most amazing clay charms.

As I waited for my charm to arrive I hit the craft store to find glass beads , head pins, chains and everything else I'd  need for my little crafting project. After a couple days of looking I found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted pinks , purples and teals to match "her" hair. A week later "she" finally arrived. I haven't done beading in years so it was a rather slow start but once I got going and got into the rhythm  it went pretty fast. I attached the glass  beads and seed beads one by one to the chain ..... my creation started to take form. Once I was done I attached the clip, used my soldering iron to "seal" the jump ring and attached it to my Ju-Ju-Be Be Classy bag in the Duchess print. I think it goes with the bag quite well. I may have to start making these for clients again.

This kid loves trains!

I'm sure we've all seen those cute trains driving around the mall. Well my daughter is slightly obsessed with them. No matter where we are if she sees a train she has to be on it. We were at the mall the other day for a sale. We went to grab my mom something to eat and BOOOOOM there's there's the train. We took my mom her food and went back to the train. She picked out her favorite car (the yellow one) and hopped in and round and round we went. I love that something as small as a train makes my daughter so happy. As long as she's happy we'll ride the train all she wants.