Moby Wrap


After talking to a bunch of my baby wearing friends and watching a few too many YouTube videos I finally broke down and got a Moby wrap. I was slightly intimidated at first. It’s a lot of fabric when you take it out of the package. I mean A LOT. I got mine at a consignment shop for $20. I figured for $20 if Kennady doesn’t like it then I’m not out much. So I rushed home , washed it, pulled up a YouTube and started to wrap.  After about 6 minutes I had finished my first official Moby baby wrap!! It was a lot easier than I thought. The size of the fabric can be off putting. I’m used to structured carriers so this was all very new to me. I had held off on buying a cloth wrap because I was always afraid they weren’t secure and Kennady might fall. Even after my very first wrap I felt like Kennady was very secure and wasn’t going to fall. I even took my hands away from holding her and felt totally ok with it. I shocked myself. My main reason for buying the wrap was to be able to do hands free nursing. Today I shall try a nursing wrap when she’s a bit too tired to fight me. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.





Today my lil booboo got her 4 moth shots. I made the mommy choice to spread them out a bit more just for my own comfort not because I’m some freako lol. Before we went to get Kennady’s shots I had to stop by urgent care because my wrist is messed up. They put me in a brace which has been a pain in the tushy and it’s only been 12 hours. Seems I hurt my wrist due to the way I hold Kennady when she nurses. It’s her comfy position. So anyway back to shot day. We got to the office like 30 minutes early because I’m slightly anal and her Dr makes you wait a long time if you’re late. While we were waiting I nursed Kennady totally uncovered *gasp*. A young couple came in with a tiny  5 day old baby. By this time Kennady was asleep. The mom went out to put the stroller in the car , my mom and her BFF helped her fold the stroller. She had no idea what she was doing. It was kinda cute and refreshing. It’s funny how much we as moms learn in a short amount of time.

The girl came back into the office and sat down. She started asking tons of new mom questions. Turns out the doctor had already told her to supplement with formula at FIVE DAYS OLD!! Gosh give the poor girl and the baby a chance to get the hang of the whole nursing thing. I told her to be firm with the doctor and stick to what she believes as long as it doesn’t compromise the health of her baby. I’m not anti formula I am however anti trying to force women to use it by scaring them. We waited and waited and waited. We got called in around 3:30pm (Our appointment was at 2:45 ). We went in. They did the normal length and weight (11 pounds and 21 1/4 inches). The doctor was very happy with her progress. he said she’s a tiny baby but gaining weight in a steady manner. I am 5’2” and her donor is shorter than I am so her height well she just might be a shorty witch is OK since she’s a girl lol. THEN CAME THE SHOTS!!! Eh it wasn’t so bad or at least Kennady didn’t seem to act like it was too bad. She got one oral vaccine , two shots in one leg and one shot in the other. she didn’t cry too much until the last shot. I scooped her up and gave her lots of mommy cuddles. She went to sleep for a bit then was up to play. Now she’s snug in her bed and I’m off to dream land myself. Well off to dreamland after I pump. My boobs hurt!!


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My birth was perfect for me


I realized tonight that I LOVE telling my birthing story. It’s not “conventional” but it was very fitting for me. Tonight I was talking to my ex (NOT Kennady’s father) and explaining how and why Kennady was born via c-section. I get so much joy out of telling people about my experience. Everything from the way I went into labor to how my amazing midwife Toni made the decision that would keep both Kennady and I alive. To having a hacking cough after major surgery and wanting to punch people because of the pain. To sitting looking at the machine Kennady was hooked to for hours.


When Kennady was born she didn’t cry. My nurse was sitting above my head leaning over and telling me “we talked about this. We said she wouldn’t cry”. I was nice to have her there but having talked about it didn’t make it any less scary.

In some of my mommy groups women are depressed and upset over their c-sections. I’m quite happy with mine. Every time I look at my daughter I am thankful that the medical technology exists that allowed her to be born alive and stay that way. 



NO none of it was on my birth plan but God had another birth plan for me and I must say it was pretty stinkin’ awesome!


Tide to Go!


As the mother of an infant stains are just a part of life. Tide to go sticks make life a bit less stain covered. Granted my daughter still dribbles all over the place. Which I don’t fully understand. She’s excusably breastfed so HOW she gets mommy milk all over the place is beyond me. I blink and splat!!! Boobie milk all over her new dress, car seat, blanket and mommy’s shirt.  I keep a Tide to Go pen in my diaper bag for those quick clean ups. We all want our kids to look adorable for as long as possible (I wish the kids knew that ha ha!) but it doesn’t always work out like that. This thing is quick and easy to use. There is also no harsh smell which is great when you’re dealing with babies.I have always used Tide products and now I travel with Tide. I’m sure it will come in handy even more in a few months when my daughter starts eating solid foods. Thank you Tide and Influenster for letting test such an amazing product. I’ll be buying more when this one runs out.


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