Today is my birthday

Well today Is my birthday and for the first time EVER I thought about my birth mom. I will never forget when I gave birth. Does my egg donor think about her birthing experience today? I don’t care if she doesn’t think about me.  I rarely think of her. I’m not one of those oh I need to know where I came from people. I don’t have that kind of extra time.

Giving birth changes people. I wonder if it changed her? I look at Kennady and couldn’t do it. I couldn’t give her away. Granted something tells me I’m probably better off because she gave me away but that’s a whole other story. Here I am planning a celebration for Kennady’s first birthday. A joyous occasion for me. I wonder what January 31st means to my bio mom? Does it mean anything?

34 was an awesome year. 33 wasn’t so bad either. Despite everything I’m so thankful. Thankful for everything God has blessed me with. Lets see what amazing things 35 has to offer. I pray that my family , friends and I continue to be blessed and protected by God.


Make money with your mobile phone

Lets talk about mobile apps. Actually one in particular called GigWalk.
GigWalk is what they call a micro job site.
Gigwalk uses your GPS location to show you jobs in your area. The trick is you have to "apply" for most jobs. Most days there is at least one "anywhere" job. These jobs are ones that anyone can apply for no matter what your location is. Jobs tend to run from $3 to $30 each. You have to wait to see if you are selected for the assignment so that can be a pill to deal with. They give you a certain amount of time to complete the job if you are selected.
Gigwalk has apps for both Iphone and android.  You must visit the main website /  for more info.

The types of jobs GigWalk offers are .....
Store audits
Secret shopper
Focus groups
Field audits
Office admin.
Event staffing
Vacation rental services
Mobile app testing
and many more
I snapped these two photos using my iphone and my personal gigwalk account. This is to show what the app actually looks like after you download it.
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As you can see not only do they give you a list of current jobs but a map showing where other jobs are. This app is great when you're traveling. You can find a job for some extra cash while on vacation. Gigs are paid via paypal.

Good luck and happy working

My big girl


After making the appointment almost two months in advance my pretty princess finally got her ears pierced. I only trusted her doctor to them so I had to wait until she had an opening. We got to the office at 10:50am and didn’t get in until NOON. Yeah it was long wait. I think it was well baby check up day. We walked in and there were a good 20 babies there under the age of one month old. We were 10 minutes late for the appointment so we had to wait. The poor nurse comes in and tries to mark Kennady’s ears for the doctor. Of course Kennady freaked out because well you know “stranger danger”.  I ended up nursing her so she’d be still. The doctor came in shortly after her ears were marked , checked her eyes and ears, had a different nurse hold her and pierced her ears. It was sooooo quick. Kennady didn’t even cry. I picked her birth stone (Aquamarine) for her first pair of earrings. Knock on wood she hasn’t started messing with them yet. I turn them and put alcohol on them daily. The last thing I want is for her to get an infection or something. They say in 6 weeks I can change them but I totally love the Aquamarine color. We’ll see.



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My birth story (YouTube)

You all have already read the story but I’m sure it’s more entertaining when you hear me tell it lol. It isn’t as in-depth as what I have been writing about it but it’s pretty close.  Enjoy!

I built it all

I was sitting around looking at pictures of all the stuff Kennady’s has had in the last 10 months. That’s when I realized I have put together all of Kennady’s stuff by myself. I built it I built it all. It may not sound like a big deal but for me it really is. I’ve never put anything together in my life. I’ve always had people to do stuff like that for me. I take great pride in having put together all of Kennady’s stuff by myself.
I’m not exactly the most handy person on earth but it was very important to me to put all of Kennady’s things together myself. I guess it’s to prove to myself that I don’t need “a man” to do the hard physical work.
I actually put the changing table together with NO instructions. I went to a store called USA Baby that was going out of business. They put up an ad on Facebook saying “Make us an offer”. My mom and I went on down there. I saw the changing table already put together and offered them $35. They said ok. THEN I had to figure out HOW to get it into the car. I ended up having to take it apart out in front of the store in the hot sun. The sales girl was really nice and helped me bag up all the screws and stuff. I forgot to take a picture of it before we took it apart. DUH! So we came home and I put all the parts in the middle of the floor and got to work. 2 hours later Kennady had a beautiful changing table.  I must admit that one I was VERY proud of. A few times I wanted to say screw it and not put it together but I knew Kennady would love it and be ultra comfortable while she got her tiny tushy changed. Oh yeah and my back would hurt less from bending over and changing her on the changing table on the play pen.
I’ve gotten rather good at putting things together now. We still have yet to open ALL her Christmas gifts but when we do I’ll be right there to put it all together.
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Some days you just need…..

A cuddle !!! Excuse my no makeup face. Kennady gives the best baby cuddles.



Sometimes you have to be reminded that you are in fact fabulous. My friend Danielle helps me with this on a regular basis. I go through my life just doing what needs to be done for my daughter. I have always viewed that as just doing my job. My job as a mother. I got reminded that not only am I doing my job as a mother I am also doing my job as a father. I’m the only parent Kennady has had her entire life. I have done my best to provide her with everything she needs. I have in a lot of cases had to swallow my pride to do so. It didn’t bother me. I never second guessed myself. I never looked at it as anything other than my parental duty and my love for my child. I’m not anything special. Danielle likes to remind me that not everyone does what I do. That not everyone loves their child to the point of having to swallow their own pride to get things done. Granted I have not done it alone. My family and friends have been there ever step of the way but the bulk of the work I have done. I’m always so busy , so tired or just so in love with being with my baby that don’t take the time to give myself any credit.
I pulled myself out of a deep depression caused by being abandoned during the 22nd week of my pregnancy. Thinking you have a partner in life then having that all vanish with one phone call can throw you into a tailspin.  Hell it can throw you into more than that. After crying in my mother’s lap for awhile I got up and realized I was the only person Kennady had to count on 100% of the time. I got to work. I got to work FOR Kennady. I figured out the world of consignment shops and sales. I didn’t even know there were consignment shops for kids items. I learned fast. I learned how to get 20 outfits for $5. I learned to save money on almost everything. I became the queen of coupons. I started asking companies for discounts and freebies. I put my story out there, people and companies responded in a favorable manner. I have been unbelievably blessed. So many have blessed Kennady solely because I asked them to. I have gotten everything that was on my “dream baby item list”. Not all of it was brand new out of the box but still very lovely nonetheless. The main thing I have been able to give Kennady is love. I have loved her since I found out I was pregnant. She’s my world my everything. I love her more than words could ever explain. I am dedicated to her. To her well being. Until about 28 weeks gestation I didn’t fully understand that not everyone loves and cares about their child(ren). That’s just a foreign concept to me. Danielle tells me that’s part of what makes me fabulous. The simple fact that I love my daughter and would never leave her for any reason. I would die for her.
With all the “things” I’ve done and overcome I still don’t sit around thinking about how truly fabulous I am. Though I have to admit it does feel great  when someone else notices what you’ve done and all your hard work. My daughter is a happy , healthy 10 months old. Ok yeah I’d like to think I have had a lot to do with that.  Parenting isn’t easy , I think we should all pat each other on the back every once in awhile. We have to lift each other up with positivity and love. Thank you Danielle. I love you.
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My JuJuBe Small Set Piece

Here’s what I use the smallest piece in my JuJuBe set for.



We spent a quiet night at home watching the ball drop on TV. I spent the night right where I wanted to be. With my family. I hope and pray 2015 is an awesome year (awesome in the best way possible). I pray I can keep my daughter and I safe. I pray for continued healing and good health for Kennady, my cousin ,my Aunt Judy, my mommy , friend and myself.
I would post the picture I snapped right at midnight but I look like 10 miles of bad road so you get my tiny princess in her adorable outfit :)
I hope everyone’s New Year has started off as great as mine. Filled with love and hope.


The year that changed my life

As I sit and reflect on 2014 it has been an amazing year. I can’t help but to feel slightly guilty for being so happy about this year. While I gave birth to the most amazing tiny human ever my cousin Linda had a massive stroke and is now unable to take care of herself. I have watched my aunt care or her now disabled daughter. My mother and I have been here to help along the way. Linda was so active and out going. To now see her laying in a bed all day hardly able to talk breaks my heart. My heart breaks for her daughter as well. She’s used to her mom not only doing everything for her but doing everything with her. The kid's father UGH don’t even get me started on him. *eye roll*
On March 6, 2014 I was shopping with Danielle and went into labor. I knew my whole life would change but I had NO idea. I tried , waited, prayed and begged God for a baby for 10 years. I begged for another opportunity to get pregnant. It happened. It happened with the wrong person. At 22 weeks he walked away. I soldiered on. I had to I had no other choice. My daughter needed me. I’m the only person she has 100% of the time…..or so I thought. My family and friends have stepped up in ways I could have never even imagined. They have jumped in whenever I needed or wanted anything. I’m not one for asking friends and family for anything so it always makes me cry happy tears when they just randomly show up for Kennady or I. Amy , Danielle, Laura and Darlene have been beyond amazing. I’ve needed a lot of support in 2014 and I have gotten it and more. Amy held my hand as they cut me open and pulled Kennady from my body. She slept in a chair next to Kennady’s isolate for days while she was in the NICU. My mom stayed in my room with me for 4 days. Danielle came to visit while I was in the hospital. Laura called , sent gifts and kind words. My Aunt has done everything. Too many things to even name. They have all been by my side. They don’t know how much they truly mean to me. I’d be insane without them.

All in all 2014 has been happy, amazing, fun, mind blowing and sad all at the same time. I've been very blessed. God has protected Kennady , my mom , my Aunt Judy , my friends and I. I pray for continued protection.

I pray that 2015 is even more amazing. I pray that the hobbit just stays away and leaves us alone. I’d just die if he ever hurt her. I’d die if ANYONE hurt her. His anger is just so out of control and she can’t defend herself. People may think I’m wrong but my daughter HAS to come first.

I hope everyone’s 2015 is awesome , filled with joy and love.
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<3 Inza