Today is my birthday

Well today Is my birthday and for the first time EVER I thought about my birth mom. I will never forget when I gave birth. Does my egg donor think about her birthing experience today? I don’t care if she doesn’t think about me.  I rarely think of her. I’m not one of those oh I need to know where I came from people. I don’t have that kind of extra time.

Giving birth changes people. I wonder if it changed her? I look at Kennady and couldn’t do it. I couldn’t give her away. Granted something tells me I’m probably better off because she gave me away but that’s a whole other story. Here I am planning a celebration for Kennady’s first birthday. A joyous occasion for me. I wonder what January 31st means to my bio mom? Does it mean anything?

34 was an awesome year. 33 wasn’t so bad either. Despite everything I’m so thankful. Thankful for everything God has blessed me with. Lets see what amazing things 35 has to offer. I pray that my family , friends and I continue to be blessed and protected by God.


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