Birthday Girl!!!

Today is my birthday!!! I'm spending it with my family and having a pretty low key day. I'm thankful and blessed. My life has changed so much over the last few years. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me and my family. Off to have some allergy friendly cake!

Snap and Shop Tray REVIEW!

With KC having so many food allergies I always have to take her food with us no matter where we are going. I can't just stop and grab her a burger or something. We do a lot of shopping...yes I'm a shop-o-holic but that's for another post...when we're out shopping KC likes to have her snacks. I had tried to figure out creative ways for her to be able to grab her own snacks instead of me having to stop or push the cart with my elbows and hand her her snacks. Enter the Snap and Shop Tray!! This toddler/kid gadget is my new go to baby shower gift. You don't even know you need it until you get it. It makes shopping so much easier. From the thick Target handle bars to the smaller carts at TJ Maxx the Snap and Shop Tray has fit on them all.. The part that locks around the handle bar adjusts to fit just about every cart (I haven't found one it doesn't fit yet).It's made from sturdy plastic. It comes apart to it easily fits into your diaper bag or purse. Overall this is a great product a total mommy must have. Get yours now!

Tonight I Mourn

I fully admit I refused to watch anything to do with the inauguration today. Instead I made the choice to spend time with my tiny human, do laundry , clean my office and put computers together. It just seemed like a better use of my time and a way to keep my mind off what was going on in Washington D.C.

Now let me say I understand that he is America's President and yay for those who can overlook certain things. I'm just not one of them. As a woman and as a mother just the idea of a man (or women) who is such a huge influence perpetuating rape culture upsets me. It's not just a Trump thing. This is the same reason I don't listen to many artists. They rap and sing about harming women (and men). This has never been my thing. As someone who developed early I have had to deal with unwanted touches all my life. IF a person WANTS to be touched I am all for that. Don't get me wrong do what you want to do as long as everyone is consenting. What happened to teaching our boys and girls that touching someone without their permission is wrong? I also don't buy the whole "all men talk like that" idea. I have far more faith in our men than I guess many people do. I have faith that there ARE men out there who still respect women and would never think because they have power they can do whatever they want to women.

As the mother of a child with a speech delay the idea that someone of influence would make fun of special needs people or just people who are different makes me ill. I know I know I can hear the tapping of the keyboards of people telling me he didn't make fun of THAT reporter. I never said he did. What he DID do was make the flailing hand/arm motions and facial expressions that some with disabilities make. They cannot control these actions. These actions , movements , motions and speech patterns are NOT something to make fun of. Especially if you are on the world stage. My cousin had a stroke and her hand is curled like Trump was making fun of. I wont lie I got a bit emotional about it. Making fun of things people can't help is disgusting.

Oy and heaven help me don't get me started on Obama Care. I understand 100% that it didn't work for everyone BUT for many people they were able to get medical insurance for the first time in their adult lives. Just cutting or just trying to cut everything off without something to replace it right away is scary for so many. Especially those with pre existing conditions and children.  Will there be a period of no coverage when things are cut off? Will people have to just suck it up and go without until they figure out something better? People fear the unknown especially when it comes to the health of their families...and money don't forget money.

Why did I call this post Today I Mourn? I mourn for humanity that we have allowed this type of person to put things like mocking special needs people and making excuses for rape culture  out into our world as the norm. Hate and violence should never be the norm. I pray it won't be.

Now all I can do is pray and ask God to protect all of us and put it into Mr Trump's heart and head to do right by ALL Americans not just the ones he agrees with. Oh and stay the hell off twitter!


Disney On Ice!

I'm all about anything Disney so when I heard that Disney On Ice was coming to town I knew the tiny human and I HAD to go. Thankfully we got tickets for the Sunday afternoon performance. We arrived at the Thomas and Mack Center 30 minutes before the show started. That gave us enough time to check the stroller, get some food and take pictures. We found our seats  right as the show was starting. It started out with Mickey and Minnie taking the ice to introduce the first section which was Toy Story. The toys came to life right there on the ice. It was amazing. Next was The Little Mermaid. The costumes were beautiful. Ariel and the rest of her under the sea friends skated wonderfully. We sang along to the songs and danced in our seats. By this point my tiny human was fast to sleep. Which was fine. I was so happy that she actually sat through the first 2 acts but fell asleep during intermission. So I was happy. No melt downs or anything. Next came Cars. Ok this was soooooooooo cool! They actually "drove" out right on the ice!! It was awesome They "drove" around as everyone sang a long and clapped their hands. Then came FROZEN!!! One of my favorite Disney movies. It started with Anna singing by this point most of the people (even the parents ) were on their feet. Dancing and singing very loudly. I wont lie I was singing too. KC woke up as soon as Anna started singing ( I watched a lot of Frozen while I was pregnant). She sat up and rocked back and forth while she sat on her cousin's lap. She clapped and smiled. I was too busy watching how much she was loving the show to even watch the show myself. It makes me happy when she's happy. The show overall was a stunning display of talent , music and skating. It's everything you expect  from a Disney production and more. All of us loved it.

If the show comes to your town totally go see it! You wont regret it.


Ok I'm sooooooooooooo not a sanctimommy (not even sure if  I spelled that right ) but come on use some common sense and have some common curtsy. I was in Costco and saw this woman with her cute little boy. He was maybe 2 or 3. As the happy mother and child were walking through Costco they came upon those really HUGE larger than life teddy bears. The mother smiled and laughed as the little boy (with his shoes on) ran up to the bear and then climbed ON TO the bear. He climbed all over the bear , stepped all over the bear and everything in between. All the while his smiling and laughing mother was holding her cell phone taking pictures and videos. This item was for sale. So someone is going to come in behind these people and buy a bear that's been stepped on by a kid who's mother thinks that sort of thing is cute. It's not cute to buy an item for yourself or your kid that's been stepped on and is dirty. Oh blah blah blah it wasn't dirty after he got off it I looked. Ma'am I just saw you and your kid walk in from the parking lot. The very VERY dirty parking lot. I saw you walk through the store on this very dirty food sample covered floor so don't try to tell me your kid's shoes are fresh out of the box clean. If Costco wanted those bears dirty and stepped on they'd just toss them out into the parking lot to start with. Quit being an asshole!


My kid doesn't need to do jack!

"Your daughter is so quiet and laid back. She needs to talk more and do more".

Do more? DO MORE? Between music classes, gymnastics , swimming, play groups and indoor play places my kid does way more stuff than I did at her age. I also remember when a child who could sit quietly and be well behaved in public was a GOOD thing, Maybe JUST maybe YOUR kids needs to not be  out of control lunatics. Work on THAT before telling me my child is too quiet. I assure you she's anything but quiet at home (maybe she just doesn't like you). I have been taking her out in public since she was 10 days old. So she's slightly used to being out in public. Does she ALWAYS act great in public? Heck no she's TWO for Pete sake. I personally count my blessings for having a really chill laid back kid 90% of the time.

Now I hope I don't jinx my toddler's laid back lifestyle by posting this. Ya'll pray for me if I just did.

To help or not to help

Let me start by saying I don't really make friends easily. I consider myself a friendly person but my brand of honesty isn't always everyone's cup of tea. If you ask me for my opinion well damnit I'm going to give it and chances are you're not going to like it. On the flip side if I'm your friend / view you as a friend I'll help you in any way I can. THIS is what I have started to question....

I have a friend who complains all the time. Complains about her family, lack of money , her spouse, not having any friends (we'll get to why later) and everything in between. I can't help with most of her issues but I can help with the lack of money thing. I've been making money online since I was 18. I have sent this woman literally 100+ sites about work from home jobs. Do you think her ass ever bothered to do ANYTHING? Of course not. She will out right ASK for info yet never bothers to do anything. I take time out of my day to help her and she never follows through. Not only does she not follow through she then wants me (and everyone else) to do all the work for her so she can reap the benefits. Nope sorry sista it doesn't work like least not for free.  I send her couponing info she legit wants me to sit down clip the coupons for her, go to the store with her and do all the work. Again N-O-P-E!

The other day her other half had a job interview. I happen to know three people personally that work for the same place just in another state. So I asked about the interview process in hopes of getting her "man" some inside info that could better help him get hired. She flipped the absolute fuck out on me. Her claim was I was "telling everyone". Aaaaaaaaaaaaa My friends have no idea who this asshat is but they DO know how to get hired at their current place of employment. Combined these three people have 30+ years working at this place. So yeah they might know a little something about getting hired. One friend offered to help "coach" him for the interview. After she had her epic melt down I told my friend screw it let him get the job on his own. Now here's the thing if you're unwilling to work and your spouse is having issues putting food on the table wouldn't you as a wife try to help him in any way possible in terms of him getting a higher paying job? Yeah I thought so!

This crap has been going on for months. I send her something and either she ignores it or wants me to do everything. I'm so over this shit.  I get why she doesn't have any friends. People get sick and tired of being used and offended.*  She gets pissy if someone has something she doesn't have. She gets shitty if someone takes a trip that she can't afford. YET she will not work. I have given her info on how to start her own blog. She wanted me to tell her how to advertise. Geez I don't know lady you and I are sooooooooooooo not in the same niche. I'm a mixed race, single mom to a kid with allergies, who coupons, reviews products and loves social media. You are a white woman who complains all the time. I wouldn't know where to find your audience if I tried (which I won't).

Something as simple as a google search evades her. She actually told me to ask Alexa (My Amazon Echo dot) a question for her and for me to TYPE OUT the answer for her. Alexa gets her info from the web and if you're messaging me on social media it's quite clear you have some form of internet connection. G-O-O-G-L-E it your damn self. I don't have time for that shit.


Sorry this post is kinda rant style I just can't with certain people anymore. Don't ASK for help then get shitty or just not follow through.

* This asshat had the nerve to make comments about KC's allergies. "What is she NOT allergic to?"