My kid doesn't need to do jack!

"Your daughter is so quiet and laid back. She needs to talk more and do more".

Do more? DO MORE? Between music classes, gymnastics , swimming, play groups and indoor play places my kid does way more stuff than I did at her age. I also remember when a child who could sit quietly and be well behaved in public was a GOOD thing, Maybe JUST maybe YOUR kids needs to not be  out of control lunatics. Work on THAT before telling me my child is too quiet. I assure you she's anything but quiet at home (maybe she just doesn't like you). I have been taking her out in public since she was 10 days old. So she's slightly used to being out in public. Does she ALWAYS act great in public? Heck no she's TWO for Pete sake. I personally count my blessings for having a really chill laid back kid 90% of the time.

Now I hope I don't jinx my toddler's laid back lifestyle by posting this. Ya'll pray for me if I just did.

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