Disney On Ice!

I'm all about anything Disney so when I heard that Disney On Ice was coming to town I knew the tiny human and I HAD to go. Thankfully we got tickets for the Sunday afternoon performance. We arrived at the Thomas and Mack Center 30 minutes before the show started. That gave us enough time to check the stroller, get some food and take pictures. We found our seats  right as the show was starting. It started out with Mickey and Minnie taking the ice to introduce the first section which was Toy Story. The toys came to life right there on the ice. It was amazing. Next was The Little Mermaid. The costumes were beautiful. Ariel and the rest of her under the sea friends skated wonderfully. We sang along to the songs and danced in our seats. By this point my tiny human was fast to sleep. Which was fine. I was so happy that she actually sat through the first 2 acts but fell asleep during intermission. So I was happy. No melt downs or anything. Next came Cars. Ok this was soooooooooo cool! They actually "drove" out right on the ice!! It was awesome They "drove" around as everyone sang a long and clapped their hands. Then came FROZEN!!! One of my favorite Disney movies. It started with Anna singing by this point most of the people (even the parents ) were on their feet. Dancing and singing very loudly. I wont lie I was singing too. KC woke up as soon as Anna started singing ( I watched a lot of Frozen while I was pregnant). She sat up and rocked back and forth while she sat on her cousin's lap. She clapped and smiled. I was too busy watching how much she was loving the show to even watch the show myself. It makes me happy when she's happy. The show overall was a stunning display of talent , music and skating. It's everything you expect  from a Disney production and more. All of us loved it.

If the show comes to your town totally go see it! You wont regret it.

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