Ok I'm sooooooooooooo not a sanctimommy (not even sure if  I spelled that right ) but come on use some common sense and have some common curtsy. I was in Costco and saw this woman with her cute little boy. He was maybe 2 or 3. As the happy mother and child were walking through Costco they came upon those really HUGE larger than life teddy bears. The mother smiled and laughed as the little boy (with his shoes on) ran up to the bear and then climbed ON TO the bear. He climbed all over the bear , stepped all over the bear and everything in between. All the while his smiling and laughing mother was holding her cell phone taking pictures and videos. This item was for sale. So someone is going to come in behind these people and buy a bear that's been stepped on by a kid who's mother thinks that sort of thing is cute. It's not cute to buy an item for yourself or your kid that's been stepped on and is dirty. Oh blah blah blah it wasn't dirty after he got off it I looked. Ma'am I just saw you and your kid walk in from the parking lot. The very VERY dirty parking lot. I saw you walk through the store on this very dirty food sample covered floor so don't try to tell me your kid's shoes are fresh out of the box clean. If Costco wanted those bears dirty and stepped on they'd just toss them out into the parking lot to start with. Quit being an asshole!


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