Tonight I Mourn

I fully admit I refused to watch anything to do with the inauguration today. Instead I made the choice to spend time with my tiny human, do laundry , clean my office and put computers together. It just seemed like a better use of my time and a way to keep my mind off what was going on in Washington D.C.

Now let me say I understand that he is America's President and yay for those who can overlook certain things. I'm just not one of them. As a woman and as a mother just the idea of a man (or women) who is such a huge influence perpetuating rape culture upsets me. It's not just a Trump thing. This is the same reason I don't listen to many artists. They rap and sing about harming women (and men). This has never been my thing. As someone who developed early I have had to deal with unwanted touches all my life. IF a person WANTS to be touched I am all for that. Don't get me wrong do what you want to do as long as everyone is consenting. What happened to teaching our boys and girls that touching someone without their permission is wrong? I also don't buy the whole "all men talk like that" idea. I have far more faith in our men than I guess many people do. I have faith that there ARE men out there who still respect women and would never think because they have power they can do whatever they want to women.

As the mother of a child with a speech delay the idea that someone of influence would make fun of special needs people or just people who are different makes me ill. I know I know I can hear the tapping of the keyboards of people telling me he didn't make fun of THAT reporter. I never said he did. What he DID do was make the flailing hand/arm motions and facial expressions that some with disabilities make. They cannot control these actions. These actions , movements , motions and speech patterns are NOT something to make fun of. Especially if you are on the world stage. My cousin had a stroke and her hand is curled like Trump was making fun of. I wont lie I got a bit emotional about it. Making fun of things people can't help is disgusting.

Oy and heaven help me don't get me started on Obama Care. I understand 100% that it didn't work for everyone BUT for many people they were able to get medical insurance for the first time in their adult lives. Just cutting or just trying to cut everything off without something to replace it right away is scary for so many. Especially those with pre existing conditions and children.  Will there be a period of no coverage when things are cut off? Will people have to just suck it up and go without until they figure out something better? People fear the unknown especially when it comes to the health of their families...and money don't forget money.

Why did I call this post Today I Mourn? I mourn for humanity that we have allowed this type of person to put things like mocking special needs people and making excuses for rape culture  out into our world as the norm. Hate and violence should never be the norm. I pray it won't be.

Now all I can do is pray and ask God to protect all of us and put it into Mr Trump's heart and head to do right by ALL Americans not just the ones he agrees with. Oh and stay the hell off twitter!


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