ICObuty Hair Bow REVIEW!

My daughter is all about the hair bows. Ok maybe I should say her grandma is all about the hair bows. So of course we have to have bows for every outfit and holiday. These holiday bows by ICObuty are totally adorable. Not only are the colors bright but the ribbons used to make the bows is sturdy and can stand up to the toddler tantrums that we all know and "love".  The clips themselves are covered with ribbon to help avoid scratching your little one's head. Overall these are awesome bows to add to my daughter's collection. 

*I received this product for free but that does not effect my 100% honest review*

Here's what the company says about their product:

  • Material:Grosgrain Ribbon
  • You'll have 8 pcs3 Inch Boutique Baby Girl Christmas Hair Bow Clips All ribbon ends are heat sealed to prevent from fraying.
  • Nicely packaged in a high quality zipper bag, which will keep it clean.If you find the bow wrinkled, please wash it gently with water,when it is dry again,the bow will back to bow form.
  • This is the perfect gift for any occasion! Birthdays,Baby Shower,Baby Gifts,Christmas and more。
  • WARNING: Small parts can choke a child if they become detached, adult supervision required!


So I've been away for a few days. We've been traveling and I kinda let life get in the way. Don't worry I have tons of pictures and stories to share. I'll be back to my regular blogging on Monday. For right now I'll just share these two. They're a hoot. <3 nbsp="" p="">

This is not ok!

Much like everyone else in the world I sat up last night waiting for election results. I had so much faith and hope in America. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. Last night America allowed hate to win. How do we explain this to our children? How do we explain it to ourselves? How can people justify hate , racism , mocking and being OK with sexual assault? As a woman of color who gave birth to a tiny woman of color I am afraid. I don't even know what to say or feel right now.  I guess I can take comfort in the fact that Hillary won the popular vote. More people voted against hate than for it. We just weren't in the right states. My daughter has gymnastics today and I am literally afraid to leave my house as a person of color.

I'm a friend and ally to and for the LGBT community , I'm a friend to Muslims, I'm a friend to Mexicans , I'm a friend to women and our rights as women. These things are the reasons I am so shell shocked right now.

My timeline is making me giggle this morning. The people who dished out the most hate are now singing the song of ok now lets be nice. Nope sorry I can't and wont be nice to you. I remember you saying that my rights as a woman and a human being meant nothing. I remember you insulting babies and calling them ugly just because their grandparents happen to be the Clintons. I remember when you said "f*gs" shouldn't be allowed to marry. I remember when you said it's ok for the police to stop people of color "just in case... well you know" (no asshat I don't know). I remember when you made fun of sexual assault victims because being grabbed by the pussy is a BAD THING. I remember when you made excuses for the mocking of people with disabilities as "well he wasn't talking about THAT reporter". I remember you saying that NO Muslim should "ever" be allowed into our country even if they were born here because they aren't "real Americans". So no I can't be nice to you. Now that I know these are the true feelings in your heart I can't even have you or your views in my life. When someone shows you who they REALLY are ....believe them. I'm believing!. 

What to tell our children from an educators stand point Click Here 

*Sorry if this post is all over the place. My head is kind of all over the place right now*

Au Fudge

I've wanted to go to Au Fudge since before it even opened. For those who don't know this is the new hip and trendy restaurant that is not only filled with great food but is totally kid friendly. Maybe kid friendly really isn't even the phrase I should use more like kid-centric. From the start our visit was amazing.  We went on a Wednesday so it wasn't crowded at all. I loved that the staff paid a lot of attention to my 2 year old (she liked it too lol). I ordered a burger and a trio of fries (sweet potato , regular and truffle). My daughter had the sweet potato fries and the regular ones due to her allergies but hey she loved them. After lunch I checked her into the creative space for $15. Which to me is quite the bargain. Before I could even sign her in she was off and playing. They have so many awesome toys. Many of which my daughter has in her room so they were toys she knew and loved. Which was a perk. Dixie the Au Pair was super nice and very attentive. After I made sure she  was settled in my friend and I went and sat in the outdoor space and had desert. I had the churro sliders , which I have declared one of the best thing I've ever eaten. My friend had the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Which was also beyond amazing.  Our waiter Danny was up beat , fun and a pleasure to deal with. Overall I am in love with this place and hope it stays around for a long time. We will for sure be back!

Address9010 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Jxstar bolero kids jacket REVIEW!

This adorable little bolero is the perfect addition to any little girl's closest. Jxstar is one of my favorite kids brands (As I'm sure you've noticed lol ). The jacket is made from high quality extra soft material. I've washed Kennady's jacket 6 or 7 times at this point and it looks just as good as the day we got it. My daughter is very hard on clothes so anything that can stand up to her everyday roughness is an extraordinary product. Overall this bolero jacket as well as all of the other Jxstar products are top notch amazing!

              *My daughter was gifted this product but it does not effect my 100% honest opinion *


Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • Sizes for Girls ( 3-11) Years .(Please read detail size measurement in Product Description before purchase)
  • Approx. length from nape of the neck to the bottom hem for the smallest size 8.3” (21cm), for the biggest size 10.7” (27.2cm)
  • Short cap sleeves look very flattering and girly.
  • Short cap sleeves, Stretchy , Cropped
  • Fashionable and cute for your baby taking photos,showing up parties.

Soft and Comfortable Material, Machine Wash, 2 colors. Size from 3 Years to 11 years.


3-4Y - Height:110cm(43in) | Chest:66cm(26in) | Length:21(8.3in) | Shoulder Width:26.1(10.3in) | Sleeve Length:14.8(5.8in)
4-5Y - Height:120cm(47in) | Chest:70cm(27.6in) | Length:22.5(8.9in) | Shoulder Width:27.6cm(10.9in) | Sleeve Length:15.5(6.1in)
5-7Y - Height:130cm(51in) | Chest:74cm(29in) | Length:24(9.2in) | Shoulder Width:29.1cm(11.5in) | Sleeve Length:16.31(6.4in)
7-9Y - Height:140cm(55in) | Chest:78cm(30.7in) | Length:25.5(10in) | Shoulder Width:30.6cm(12in) | Sleeve Length:17(6.7in)
9-11Y - Height:150cm(59in) | Chest:82cm(32.3in) | Length:27.2(10.7in)| Shoulder Width:32.1cm(12.6in) | Sleeve Length:17.75(7in)


Jxstar Little Girls' Super Soft Cotton Long Sleeve Dress with DIY Button REVIEW

Let me start out by saying I am in NO way a sewing kind of mama but this dress from Jxstar was so much fun. The dress came with a bunch of fun colorful buttons, needle and thread. You can make your own patterns and fun designs. It took me about an hour to do this design and I have plenty of buttons left over to add more if I want. The material of the dress is this super soft kind of like butter lol I did wash the dress and it and the buttons came out just fine. For a mom who doesn't sew I think it came out totally cute and my daughter loves it. 

*My daughter was gifted this product but it does not effect my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • Sizes for Girls 3-11 Years .(Please read detail size measurement in Product Description before purchase)
  • Creat a fantastic dress for your children.
  • Your baby girl would be more lovely with this outfits
  • Fashionable and cute for your baby taking photos,showing up parties.
  • There's nothing like seeing a well-dressed toddler


3-4Y - Height:110cm(43in) | Length:58.5cm(23in) | Chest:59cm(23.2in) | Waist:61cm(24in) | Sleeve length:41(16in)
4-5Y - Height:120cm(47in) | Length:62.5cm(24.6in) | Chest:63cm(24.8in) | Waist:65cm(25.6in) |Sleeve length:44(17.3in)
5-7Y - Height:130cm(51in) | Length:66.5cm(26.2in) | Chest:67cm(26.4in) | Waist:69cm(27.2in) | Sleeve length:47(18.5in)
7-8Y - Height:140cm(55in) | Length:70.5cm(27.8in) | Chest:71cm(28in) | Waist:73cm(28.7in) |Sleeve length:50(19.7in)
9-11Y - Height:150cm(59in) | Length:74.5cm(29.3in) | Chest:77cm(30.3in) | Waist:77cm(30.3in) | Sleeve length:53(20.9in)