Pumpkin Fest!

As many of you know we travel back and forth to California quite often. When we're there I try to always plan fun outings for my tiny human. This year we went to the Pumpkin Festival at KidsSpace Museum in Pasadena. Event Page!    My friend Danielle and I hit the road with the tiny for some much needed fun. When we got there we purchased our tickets which included a free pass to the museum. We started off with food. Shockingly enough I forgot to take pictures of my food. I got pulled pork fries.and an awesome lemonade. Then we headed right for the petting zoo and pony rides. Danielle stood in line for the pony rides while Kennady and I stood in line for the petty zoo. I took Kenny inside the pen and she went right for the goats. This kid loves goats! So we played with the animals for our 5 minutes and went back over to the pony rides. For whatever reason Kennady was anti pony rides this year. I thought maybe it was because a stranger had to put her on the pony instead of me (insurance reasons) but nope we went to the ranch a couple weeks later and she wouldn't let me put her on the pony either. So no pony rides! They gave us back the tickets for the pony and headed for the games. Kennady played the sucker game. She pulled a sucker out of the peg board and if it had a dot on the bottom she won tickets. She won 5 tickets on her first pull. We then moved on to old school Plinko!!! YES PLINKO like on the Price is Right!!! They let Kennady stand on a chair and drop the pucks down the board and she won even more tickets. By the end we ended up with 30 tickets. We went and cashed them in for a slap bracelet, slinky and some plastic lizard thing. All in all it was an amazing day and can't wait for next year's event. 

Goats....sheep....pumpkin patches OH MY!!!

This is one of my favorite seasons. KC loves going to the pumpkin patches and seeing the animals. One of our favorites is Stu Miller's pumpkin patches. They have rides, slides, bounce houses , petting zoos and tons of animals which is what Kennady likes best. We visited literally once a week the entire month. We even invited friends along for the fun. We ended up with a couple of pumpkins, lots of hay in our shoes and great memories. Kennady has so much fun. I was sad to see the season end  BUT here comes CHRISTMAS!!! 

Kennady , Aunt Mary and Cousin Trystan

Riding the Pumpkin Patch "train"

Aunt Mary and cousin Trystan. It was his first pumpkin patch trip!

Kennady won this horn which she STILL uses lol

Walking around like she owns the place

Tiny pumpkins for my tiny pumpkin

Making friends

Goat friend!!

Well hello there!

Don't fall!

My place!!


KC and cousin Trystan
Family Love!

Kennady and Armithyus

About last night.....

I started this post when I got home from the Luxor the morning of October 2nd. It's been sitting on my desktop since then. All of this was and is so hard for me (or any of us) to process. So below are my feelings from that night. I'm sorry if it's jumbled or doesn't make any sense. I was shell shocked at the very least......

I just got home. I just took my daughter to school. I just want to sleep but I can't. So here I am. AT my computer,looking at the screen and not understanding what just happened. I guess I should back up. My friend Joe and I went to see Carrot Top tonight at the Luxor. We arrived for the meet and greet around 6:45. Carrot Top came out took some pictures and chatted for awhile. He's actually really sweet. Then we went in to see the show. We had front row seats which I highly suggest (you'll get free booze lol). He was super funny. I laughed the entire time. After the show we went to Tacos and Tequila. I was craving ceviche and they had it on the menu. I picked a table that over looked the lobby. As we were sitting there we kept seeing people running in the front doors.1.. 2 maybe 3 maybe 4 at a time. No screaming or anything like that. Just running and all running in the same direction. Joe made  comment "there must be some country autograph signing going on" since Route 91 was going on across the street. The waitress comes up and says did you hear there's an active shooter on the strip. I said well we should be ok since most times they're on the ground and we're up high but lets get out of here. The waitress comes back and says we have to close out on the checks because this is getting serious. As we're paying our bill we here more rounds of gun fire than I have ever heard in my life. We took off running. Security was directing us to run towards the back and down the hall way.  When we didn't hear shooting anymore we stopped running. After a few minutes we walked back and sat down near the casino. All of the sudden more gun fire and we take off running again. The employees of the Luxor were directing us to go to their basement. So that's exactly where we went. Underground into the maze under the pyramid. Down there we were surrounded by concert goers that were covered in blood, had been trampled and were overall traumatized. We banded together and tried to help those who were hurt and in shock. Gurneys were made out of luggage carts so those who were hurt could lay down and easily be moved if need be. Truth be told we were ALL shell shocked. The minutes turned into hours. Close to 7 hours down in the basement. People were on their phones trying to get in touch with loved ones and trying to see what the news reports were saying. The staff at the Luxor was amazing! They were locked down there with us. The staff were ultra professional and made being down there as comfortable as possible. They gave us blankets, pillows, phone chargers, warm cookies and even pizza. Six hours in the SWAT team comes around the corner. Now after running from gun fire the sight of guns coming around the corner can be unsettling. It takes a second to realize these are the good guys. They came in and took the people who were injured and left. An hour later we're still on lock down. Slowly they allowed us to leave the basement and walk around the casino but we couldn't leave nor could we go anywhere near the doors. The wait staff from Tacos and Tequilas and I were huddled around a TV in the high roller section watching the news. Finally they said we can leave we just had to go out the back doors. This was around 5 or 6am. We walked from the Luxor down to Caesars Palace where we were able to find a cab back to the Silbverton Casino. My mom came and picked me up from there. I got home and it was almost time to drop my daughter off for preschool. Instead of keeping her home I sent her to school. I dropped her off wearing the same clothes I'd been wearing the night before. I explained to her teacher where I'd been (she already knew WHAT happened....the whole world did) and that another family member might have to pick up KC. She asked if I was ok and I left. I'm home now and I can't sleep. It's almost time to pick her up from school and I'm still sitting her exhausted but wide awake. I can't watch the news. I know people died I know people were hurt. How could they have not been? With all the gun fire we heard .......

Update 11/16/17

I'm "ok". I now jump or my heart races when I hear car back fires or fireworks. somewhere my uncle Michael is laughing at me. I used to poke fun at the fact he would react to fire works and car back fires due to his time in NAM. Ok Uncle Michael I get it.... I get it. 58 lives were lost that night. Which is horrible. With the amount of gun fire we heard I'm shocked and thankful it wasn't more. I've been to the Las Vegas sign a few times to see the crosses. I haven't made it to the healing garden just yet. Our city came together. From that horrible night came amazing people working together to save lives and protect our city. I'm a Las Vegas transplant but I can honestly say I am proud to be Las #VegasStrong!

Candle light vigil at the Las Vegas Sign

Memorial crosses for those who lost their lives
My view when we were on lock down in the basement

One of the amazing Luxor chefs serving us pizza

The staff even gave us chargers for our phones.

My first view as we left the Luxor that night. 

Candles all over

My Route 91 necklace

This says it all. 

I suck!

It's been a long time since I've actually sat down to blog. A lot has gone on. I'm going to do my best to catch you all up on it. So there may (or may not) be a bunch of rapid fire posts  so I'm not boring you with one really long post. lol

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