Pumpkin Fest!

As many of you know we travel back and forth to California quite often. When we're there I try to always plan fun outings for my tiny human. This year we went to the Pumpkin Festival at KidsSpace Museum in Pasadena. Event Page!    My friend Danielle and I hit the road with the tiny for some much needed fun. When we got there we purchased our tickets which included a free pass to the museum. We started off with food. Shockingly enough I forgot to take pictures of my food. I got pulled pork fries.and an awesome lemonade. Then we headed right for the petting zoo and pony rides. Danielle stood in line for the pony rides while Kennady and I stood in line for the petty zoo. I took Kenny inside the pen and she went right for the goats. This kid loves goats! So we played with the animals for our 5 minutes and went back over to the pony rides. For whatever reason Kennady was anti pony rides this year. I thought maybe it was because a stranger had to put her on the pony instead of me (insurance reasons) but nope we went to the ranch a couple weeks later and she wouldn't let me put her on the pony either. So no pony rides! They gave us back the tickets for the pony and headed for the games. Kennady played the sucker game. She pulled a sucker out of the peg board and if it had a dot on the bottom she won tickets. She won 5 tickets on her first pull. We then moved on to old school Plinko!!! YES PLINKO like on the Price is Right!!! They let Kennady stand on a chair and drop the pucks down the board and she won even more tickets. By the end we ended up with 30 tickets. We went and cashed them in for a slap bracelet, slinky and some plastic lizard thing. All in all it was an amazing day and can't wait for next year's event. 

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