Well in true Inza style my labor and delivery was an "event".  On the 6th my friend and I went to California's largest baby/kid consignment sale. I had lost part of my mucus plug that morning but wasn't about to miss this sale. So we went around 2:00pm. The place was packed. We walked around and I found some great deals on last minute stuff I wanted for the baby. 2:45pm rolled around and contractions started, I told my friend to go stand in line for me bc my back hurt and I went and sat in the breastfeeding area. I started timing my contractions. By 3:30pm I'm still sitting there waiting for her to pay for my stuff and my contractions are 3.5 minutes apart. FINALLY she's done. She comes back and says lets go. I said "we need to make a top first" She said "where?" I said the hospital my contractions are 3 and a half minutes apart. She kinda freaked out lol oops! So we get to the hospital. Thankfully it was only 1 mile from where we were shopping (which is oe reason I waited). They get me into L&D. My midwife comes in and checks my cervix I'm 3cm. I was in so much pain my midwife ordered my epi before they did any lab work. I got my epi !!! After that it gets kinda fuzzy. I went from 3cm to 7cm in less than 3 hours. Tho I didn't much care because well I couldn't feel anything lol
My midwife wasn't happy with how the baby was reacting to labor. She would react after my contractions not during. My midwife came to me and said she was worried and wanted to make a call to her backup doctor and see what he wanted to do. I said ok. She let me labor for another 15 minutes or so. She sat down on my bed and said she didn't have a good feeling about this and she didn't feel right about having me labor any longer. I said ok. She gives me a "pep talk" about how I didn't fail and not to blame myself and all that good stuff. At 8:00pm they wheeled me into the OR, 8:15pm they made the first cut and at 8:24pm Kennady Caryl Mae was born. Not bad seeing that I got to the hospital at 4pm. Turns out she had pooped before birth. She was born doing this shallow breathing thing and since I had a horrible cold I passed it on to her so that was an issue too. She has spent her first days of life in the NICU. She's currently still there. She's "fine" but she's still on antibiotics. Both of our white blood cell counts were off. They kept me almost 5 days at the hospital.  I wasn’t allowed to see her for the first two days due to my cold/cough. Finally they slapped a mask on me and took me down to the NICU. My BFF Amy has been the most amazing friend EVER. She has spent every minute with Kennady since I wasn’t allowed to. They pulled Kennady out of my body and Amy was on baby duty. She took  a ton of pictures for me and even had them printed and made me a brag book. Grandma got one too lol My midwife came by and saw me two days later and wanted to thank me for trusting her. She said her gut feeling just wasn't good and when God speaks you have to listen. I said Amen to that and thanked her for following her gut and not a medical book. 10008424_10153963170490157_262897126_n 10008463_10153963165855157_1512697290_n 1743315_10153963175520157_1970462328_n 1797225_10153961138820157_707260982_n 1980605_10153963172945157_463767499_n 10002746_10153961137820157_417769432_n
 Kennady’s mommy


Sooooooooooo my baby shower was Feb. 22,2014. It was great yet bitter sweet. My cousin had a stroke a few days before the shower. She isn’t doing too well but shows signs of improvement. Life around here has been a bit hectic. Now on to the happier stuff. My BFF Amy planned the perfect baby shower for Kennady and I. It’s funny how well she really knows me. The decorations were adorable! There was a lot of pink and purple with touches of zebra and sparkles. I’m not one who likes baby shower games but these were fun games. We played the baby bottle drinking game, the don’t say baby game, gift bingo and how big around is the mommy to be (my mom won that one lol). It was funny watching all of my mom’s “older” friends playing the games and CHEATING!!! YES the senior citizens were cheating. Too funny!! All in all I had a wonderful time. I wish my aunt and cousin could have celebrated with us but hey we will all celebrate her first birthday together :)





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39 weeks day 3