Fake Eggs !!

Since Kennady has so many allergies and still nurses I have had to adjust my diet drastically. First no eggs. I LOVE eggs so this one was hard. I looked all over for "fake eggs" that I could scramble and eat like regular eggs and I found nothing. One day I was on Facebook reading 
Mayim Bialik's   Facebook page and she mentioned VeganEgg. I immediately went  to Sprouts and found them. Holy crap they literally taste and act just like eggs. You add cold water and blend them. Then you can cook them however you'd like. I found some Soy Chorizo at Walmart and thought it would be the perfect paring for my VeganEggs. After reading I found a lot of the pre packaged chorizos have chicken or something along those lines in them. Kennady is very allergic to chicken so I have to really watch it. I scrambled the VeganEggs for 3 or 4 minutes then added the soy chorizo and cooked for another 3 minutes stirring constantly. It came out amazing! I can now have eggs again without my daughter getting sick.   A win for everyone! 

When your mom is.....

When your mom is a product reviewer / tester there is always a box and bubble wrap to play in. lol You give them all the toys in the world and they want to play with the boxes the toys come in. Gotta love kids! 

My Great baby Breast Pump REVIEW

I really like this breast pump. It's super easy to use and if your breast cooperate you can get a great amount of milk out by hand. It's great for travel. It fits perfectly in my diaper bag. I like that you can fit different kinds of bottles onto the pump. I love being able to just stick a nipple of the bottles and feed my daughter. No pouring into bags or anything for storage. Pump into the bottle and go. It's super simple. It's also easy to clean. All the parts come off and can be washed individually. So no growing mold or anything  like that. Overall this is an amazing hand pump for all your pumping needs.

*I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion * 

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

The Easy Breast Pump is an affective breast pump made for busy moms who need to extract milk on the go, at their jobs or who simply enjoy traveling! This breast pump is made to last and made with out any harmful chemicals like BPA,PVC and others to make sure you and your baby are safe!

This breast pump was made with a purpose, to help moms save money, make their lifes asier and make them feel hapier!

Here are some of the benefits you receive when using the Easy Breast Pump.
-Reduced pain when breasts are overfull
-Recover from pregnancy faster
-Have milk ready when needed
-Save time
-Save money on batteries and electricity
-Extract milk whenever you want wherever you want
- & easy to carry

What's in my diaper bag?!?!

Well KC is now 2 and a half. Here is an updated what's in my diaper bag video. This is my "quick trip" bag. I'll make another video for our all day / long day trips. I hope..... In a few days or something lol

*The print on my Be Set is called Dream World*

Liv Bloc Leather 2 Tone Hobo Hand Shoulder Bag REVIEW!

I'm totally in love with this purse. It's the perfect size for today's modern stylish woman. This is a purse that can go from day to evening with no problem. You can carry it to work or out to dinner with the girls. It's super soft which isn't the case with many leather purses. So many are hard and stiff. You wont have that problem with this purse. The strap is a great length to be able to keep your purse nice and close to you. Overall this is an amazing bag.

*I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • Bohemian style, top single handle, genuine leather shoulder bag effortlessly combines looks with functionality

    • Main purse body section features a top zipper with double strap dangle, front and side zip-closure pockets with brass-accented dangles and a back slip pocket
    • Contrasting zipper and handle hardware add visual pop
    • Keep small items secure yet easily in reach inside the main compartment via the zippered pocket plus a sewn wall pocket
    • Dimensions: 9.25" L x 4.25" W x 8.5" H

    Toddler Brunch FAIL!

    That moment when you forget you ran out of allergy friendly flour to make your toddler her waffles, so you give her home made gluten free toast with homemade jam. Great , right? Nope! She walks over hands me the toast, stands there and looks at me like I'm an a-hole. I know that's what she was thinking because she gave me the same look I give people when I'm thinking HEY you're an a-hole. #ToddlerBrunchFail

    Water Park Fun!

    While we were on vacation we went to this cute little water park that I never knew even existed and I grew up in the Inland Empire. The Cove !  lol  My friend Dani agreed to come with us to the water park. Granted she refused to get into the water but it's ok she still had fun watching the princess splash and play. KC was a bit...ok A LOT too short to go on any of the water slides but we had so much fun splashing in in big shallow pool and then floating around the lazy river on inner tubes. It was a fun relaxing day. We only stayed a couple hours because my friend had to head to work but I think a couple hours at a water park with a two year old is more than enough lol  KC was very well behaved thankfully. I mean she normally is anyway but she's also a two year old soooooooooooo you never really know. Not a bad way to end the summer. Well totally be back next year. 

    Picnic Basket Review!

    KC has 18 known food allergies so I have to take her food everywhere with us. This makes "normal" picnics kind of hard. A lot of her food needs to be kept cold. So traditional picnic baskets just don't work. This picnic basket is insulated so I am able to keep my daughter's allergy friendly foods cold while we're outside at a picnic. The bag is easy to setup and to collapse. Two wires into give the bag it's structure while it's open and then they just fold down flat when the bag is not in use. The zipper can stick a bit but other than that it's an awesome basket.

    *I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

    Here's what the company has to say about their product :
    • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Take sandwiches, snacks and your favorite beverages along for the adventure with this lightweight, food safe picnic basket with zippered lid, food grade inner lining and top handles for easy transportation.
  • • MULTIPURPOSE CARRY ALL: The Blu Monaco picnic bag can be used for picnics, a trip to the local market, sporting events, and even outdoor family gatherings. It will keep all your favorite foods and drinks safe and cold, particularly during the hot summer months.
  • • STRONG, DURABLE FRAME: Each of our insulated baskets come with a strong aluminum frame that can stand up to car travel, transporting, weather conditions, and also holds up to 65 lbs. of food, supplies and other essentials inside
  • • WATERPROOF, EASY TO CLEAN: The basket features a rugged polyester canvas bag that's easy to wipe down, clean, repels water, and is safe with spills; all of which make it perfect for families with kids. It features a beautiful grey and white chevron pattern that looks great, too.