Water Park Fun!

While we were on vacation we went to this cute little water park that I never knew even existed and I grew up in the Inland Empire. The Cove !  lol  My friend Dani agreed to come with us to the water park. Granted she refused to get into the water but it's ok she still had fun watching the princess splash and play. KC was a bit...ok A LOT too short to go on any of the water slides but we had so much fun splashing in in big shallow pool and then floating around the lazy river on inner tubes. It was a fun relaxing day. We only stayed a couple hours because my friend had to head to work but I think a couple hours at a water park with a two year old is more than enough lol  KC was very well behaved thankfully. I mean she normally is anyway but she's also a two year old soooooooooooo you never really know. Not a bad way to end the summer. Well totally be back next year. 

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