Fake Eggs !!

Since Kennady has so many allergies and still nurses I have had to adjust my diet drastically. First no eggs. I LOVE eggs so this one was hard. I looked all over for "fake eggs" that I could scramble and eat like regular eggs and I found nothing. One day I was on Facebook reading 
Mayim Bialik's   Facebook page and she mentioned VeganEgg. I immediately went  to Sprouts and found them. Holy crap they literally taste and act just like eggs. You add cold water and blend them. Then you can cook them however you'd like. I found some Soy Chorizo at Walmart and thought it would be the perfect paring for my VeganEggs. After reading I found a lot of the pre packaged chorizos have chicken or something along those lines in them. Kennady is very allergic to chicken so I have to really watch it. I scrambled the VeganEggs for 3 or 4 minutes then added the soy chorizo and cooked for another 3 minutes stirring constantly. It came out amazing! I can now have eggs again without my daughter getting sick.   A win for everyone! 

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