I'm not stupid...don't treat me as such

It seems my parenting has come into question with my mother yet again. This time about what my toddler does and doesn't eat. First off she's two and a half.....they hardly ever do what you want them to do anyway lol Second she grazes all day. She's always eating "snacks". By snacks I mean allergy friendly fruit strips, mango , gluten free pretzels and rice cakes. So it's  not like she's eating cookies and crap all day but she still eats all day. So of course when she sits down for dinner she's not eating a full meal sometimes. She's also on a quesadilla and grilled vegan cheese sandwich kick. She wants nothing else but those things. She used to love corn now she just throws it on the floor. Two year olds can  be picky eaters and two year olds with allergies can be even worse because they can only eat a limited amount of stuff. My family doesn't seem to get that. My mom is afraid KC's doctor is going to say she's malnourished or some crap. She's NEVER not gained weight when she's gone to the doctor. I had the nurse weigh and measure her the other day and she of course has gained 3 pounds and is now 30 inches tall. She's awesome! I research on a semi daily basis what and how to feed my kid. I find new allergy friends products and restaurants daily. I just wish my mom would understand and hush up because as of right now....I got this! Now if she stops gaining weight, having wet and poopy diapers or something along those lines THEN I'll be like ok I need help. Oh did I mention she sees a nutritionist ?  A nutritionist that tells me "Keep doing what you're doing"  after every visit. KC is happy and healthy. I just wish her grandma would see that.

Now annoying moment #2. KC had an allergic reaction to a chocolate bar. People treated me like I just say fuck it and don't read what's IN things before I give them to my kid. Gee she has allergies that could KILL her yet people feel I just don't pay attention? Seriously? Then had the nerve to tell me WRONG information. How did I know it was wrong you ask? because I can READ. Shocking I know. YES I can read a label on a food product. UGH I'M NOT STUPID!!!

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