Dear Friend,

Dear Friend in the abusive relationship,

You have been my friend for a number of years and I love you to death BUT I cannot and will not be visiting you any longer. The reason is simple and complex all at the same time. While I respect your right to stay with your abusive partner I do not feel comfortable having my very impressionable two and a half year old daughter around you or your children. Mainly your boys. Your sons are living in a home where violence against women is normal. They are growing up seeing that a man can treat a woman anyway he wants and she will stay as long as he is paying the bills. You seem to think they are too young to understand or think that your words are speaking louder than your actions. I'm sorry to say you are wrong on both counts. I do not want my young daughter to start to think that these sorts of actions are ever OK. I also do not want to risk one of your boys harming her because they have not been shown any better. I love  my daughter too much to give her the foundation of thinking abuse of women is OK. I can't and I wont do that. If that means I have to cut out our fun afternoons and lunch dates I am more than willing to do that for the sake of my daughter's view on the world.

I'm sure this upsets you as you have made the excuse time and time again that you are doing what is best for your children. That's fine. I am in the same respect doing what is best for mine as well. I wish you all the best and pray for you and pray that I don't see him on the news for having killed you or his children.

Your friend who puts her own child's well being above being friends with someone

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