CiPU Diaper Bag REVIEW!

I'm a huge diaper bag snob and I have fallen head over heels in love with this bag. It's super soft and really easy to clean. Easy to clean is a must as any moms knows. The ultra soft straps make it super comfortable to wear / carry for long periods of time. There are many pockets on the inside to make organizing your bag simple. It comes with a long strap, stroller hooks and 2 zipper pounds in two different sizes. The inside is a beautiful bright pink. I love pink so this is so right up my alley. This bag is also very large inside. I am a bit of an over packer and even I had room left over after putting all of mine and my daughter's items in it. Overall an awesome bag.

* I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

  • Here is what the company says about their product:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL THAT WON¡¦T WEIGH YOU DOWN: Our special lightweight material manages to be both waterproof and airy, reducing the strain on your shoulders while keeping your bag (and everything inside) safe and dry. This means no more constantly hiking up the bag on your shoulder, completely wearing you out and adding to the stress of the day. Less stress = happy mom and baby!
  • SMART STORAGE: We¡¦ve turned organization into a thing of beauty. Designed with 13 wide compartments, things are about to get a whole lot easier for you and your baby. There are 9 interior pockets, 4 exterior pockets, and two elasticized mesh pockets inside to keep essentials handy. (They also fit most bottles.) Need more? There¡¦s a secret storage compartment on the bottom of the bag, designed to keep baby¡¦s dirty clothes and shoes away from the clean kiddo necessities.
  • MULTIPLE POUCHES FOR MULTIPLE USES: With a stylish double-pocket pouch and handy carrying pouch (that totally matches your dress), you can store things like your tablet, your phone, or purse, and separate your necessities from all of baby¡¦s important things. Need a little storage on the go? Use it as a fashionable clutch for your trip to the store.
  • STYLISH ACCESSORIES: With our sturdy and slip-proof handle, the bag will stay on your shoulder without constantly having to hike it back into place. Adjustable buckles make your essentials¡Xlike keys and baby toys¡Xeffortlessly handy, so you don¡¦t have to search the bag for little things you use all the time. Topped off with a mighty buggy hook, it bears the weight of the bag as you hang it from strollers and car handles, convenience is essential.
  • CERTIFICATIONS YOU TRUST: The CiPU Diaper Bag has SGS Certification and EU RoHS Certification, which guarantees that the bag is compliant with national and international regulations and standards, meaning no hazard substances and the highest production quality.

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