Just another day in Vegas.....

I'm always looking for new and fun things to do with my tiny human. I realized we hadn't been to the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden  at the Mirage Hotel Casino in a long time. The last time we went KC was a baby and of course she didn't know what was going on. So we went back the other day for some fun. We skipped our normal play group and opted to hang out with the dolphins, lions and tigers and I'm so happy that we did. Kennady LOVED the dolphins. She jumped and screamed when they'd swim by or jump. We stayed for a couple hours just walking and watching. She had so much fun that I had to go back and buy an annual pass. She enjoyed it more than the Shark Reef so since that annual pass was expired instead of renewing it we just did the dolphin habitat one. Chances are we'll be going weekly.

Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden!

What's in my diaper bag you ask.....

People always ask what I pack in my toddler's bag and how I pack it. I have a really *sick* Ju-Ju-Be habit when it comes to diaper bags. I have over ..... well admitting the number would be like admitting I have a problem, right? Click the video below to see how I pack for my potty training toddler.

I did it.....

It's that time of year again...consignment sale time! Now anyone who follows me here or on social media knows I love a good consignment sale. Some of you might remember that I was on the fence about selling Kennady's first stroller......  To Consign or not to consign ...... Well I finally did it  AND I put her very first Coach diaper bag up for sale. I looked at my sold items report from the consignment sale and they BOTH sold. It's bittersweet. I knew it was time and someone else could benefit from them but still, it's hard. Kennady was and still is my tiny miracle and these were some of the first things I ever got for her.

I remember pushing her up and down the side walk of the rehab hospital my cousin was in after her stroke. Walking around the mall and everywhere else. I remember the day my ex called and asked "did you ever get a stroller?" KC was 3 or 4 months old at the time. This fool actually thought that my family, friends or I would let KC go without. LMAO Are you kidding me?!?!?! Not sure why that annoyed me but it did.We traveled back and forth from California to Las Vegas with this stroller dozens of times. It served us well.

Now my Coach diaper bag. Oh I was obsessed over it. I looked at it for weeks. I actually went into the store three different times just to look at it. When I found out Kennady was a girl I just HAD to pull the trigger and buy it. It was more than I  wanted to spend but at the time (and now) it was totally worth it.

So two of KC's first baby items have been sold. It was time. She's growing up and so am I.

Birthday and Easter pictures

I love celebrating mile stones and holidays with professional pictures. Well our wonderful photographer met us at our favorite park for Kennady's Easter and birthday pictures. I was super proud of my tiny human. It was a 2 hour shoot with 4 outfit changes and no meltdowns.  Once I saw she was starting to not be happy anymore we were done lol Here are a few of the finished pictures. Enjoy! 

Not my mind set

Now let me start off by saying that yes I'm very naive about certain things. Like I will never understand why someone would feel like another human being shouldn't have the same rights as they do. This brings me to International Women's Day. I honestly thought it was common among women to think that women should be paid the same as men. Much to my shock today I found out that some women don't think so. Oddly enough most of these women don't actually HAVE jobs so maybe that's part of it. I was informed that since American women aren't stoned to death that American women should "shut up". Now this form of thinking blows my mind. So because someone has a different struggle from yours it makes yours invalid? How so? Is being stoned horrible? Of course it is and VERY wrong. Now for a woman who is the breadwinner or contributes to the household financially in general being paid less solely because you have a vagina is wrong. Making less money can effect a family in a negative manner. Just because it's not "stoning" doesn't mean it's not a problem or concern for a family. The idea that others have it worse so shut up is what many used to say to black people during the civil rights movement. The same thing was said to the LGBT community in the 60s,70s , ect. Just because something doesn't effect you directly doesn't mean it doesn't effect someone else or their family. You and your family aren't more important than anyone else.

I believe in the right for a woman to make her own reproductive choices. Which includes the right to be profile for herself (but don't tell me I have to be pro life). One doesn't have to be "pro abortion" in order to be pro choice. Nor do you have to even like abortion to be pro choice. Want to know the true? NO ONE likes abortion. NO ONE! No woman is skipping to the clinic singing to have a D&C. They just aren't No matter what the pro life movement tells you. I believe that if a woman wants to remain pregnant she should be able to. If she doesn't want to she shouldn't be forced to. What another woman does with the contents of her uterus is her business, not mine.

I want all the little girls out there (mine or otherwise) to grow up in a world where being female isn't seen as a liability or a weakness. I want little girls to grow up and not even remember when they weren't treated equally. Yes I know knowing your history is important. Maybe I should say I want them to grow up and not know the experience of  not being treated equally. I want the little girls of today to grow up to be the business leaders of tomorrow, making the same amount as their male counterparts. Not because they are female but because they can do the job just as good as the man sitting next to them. The idea that women today wouldn't want this for our next generation of women (even if they don't want it for themselves) is just mind blowing.

We should all be equal.

I couldn't figure out how to get the direct link to the video that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wishing all women a happy International Women's Day. This video made my heart, mind and soul all VERY happy. It doesn't help that he's nice to look at too lol BUT he as a man said such amazing and kind things about women. We need more of this ! Canada has Justin Trudeau and we have Cash Me Outside girl *facepalm*

3 years ago today.....

Three years ago today I gave birth to my tiny little miracle. She brings joy to all those who meet her. She is the heart and soul of our family.  We got off to a bit of a rocky start and have hit a few bumps in the road but I wouldn't change our journey for the world. God sent us to each other. We've been blessed with an amazing family and awesome friends who have become family. We have our own little village that supports and loves us no matter what. The last 3 years have been such a blessing. I pray for many more years of health and happiness for Kennady , our village of love and myself. I pray  God keeps us and protects us all the days of our lives. Amen


High Tea

I love when my friends come into town. When Joe comes into town he always lets me pick one or two things I want to do. He then picks 2 or 3 of his favorites as well. My favorites are normally more on the costly / high end side BUT he always enjoys them even if he thinks he wont. This trip I picked to go to high tea. I've always loved the idea of high tea but had never actually been. So I thought why the heck not. I picked to go to Mandarin Oriental's Tea Lounge  which is stunningly beautiful. We arrived around 3:45pm for our 4pm high tea reservation. We were seated immediatly at the best table in the place. It was right in the center in front of the floor to ceailing window. We had the most beautiful view of the strip. We sipped on black tea and ate super yummy pastries and sandwiches while listening to soft music. We were able to relax, chat and have a nice time. Funny Joe has mentioned our high tea experience a few times since he went back home to New Jersey. I think he really liked it. I have a feeling we will be back every time he's in town. 

*I'll let the pictures speak for themselves*