High Tea

I love when my friends come into town. When Joe comes into town he always lets me pick one or two things I want to do. He then picks 2 or 3 of his favorites as well. My favorites are normally more on the costly / high end side BUT he always enjoys them even if he thinks he wont. This trip I picked to go to high tea. I've always loved the idea of high tea but had never actually been. So I thought why the heck not. I picked to go to Mandarin Oriental's Tea Lounge  which is stunningly beautiful. We arrived around 3:45pm for our 4pm high tea reservation. We were seated immediatly at the best table in the place. It was right in the center in front of the floor to ceailing window. We had the most beautiful view of the strip. We sipped on black tea and ate super yummy pastries and sandwiches while listening to soft music. We were able to relax, chat and have a nice time. Funny Joe has mentioned our high tea experience a few times since he went back home to New Jersey. I think he really liked it. I have a feeling we will be back every time he's in town. 

*I'll let the pictures speak for themselves*

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