Don't be a dick

KC and I go to indoor play places a couple times a week. Thankfully we've never had any real problems with other kids or other parents. *knock on wood* Since KC is non verbal she can't just come and tell me if someone does something to her. That means I am always with her or at least close behind when she's playing. The story below happened at one of our favorite play places called Kangamoo.  Watch the video and let me know how YOU would have reacted.

For those who didn't get a chance to watch the video here's a run down. A little boy was pushing one of the Little Tikes cars around the track in the play area. The cars are supposed to be in the play area so he wasn't doing anything he wasn't supposed to do. The little boy was coming around the corner and the father of another child saw the little boy coming around the corner and KICKED the Little Tikes car into the little boys FACE. That's right into his face. The little boy had a bloody and swollen nose. The police were called and said nothing could be done. Yup the cops refused to do anything. Had I hit my OWN child like that I would have had CPS called on me but do it to someone else's child and it's some how ok and totally legal.

Had this been KC this would have been a totally different type of news story. I may not act or look like I grew up in the ghetto but I totally did and it can still come out of me when someone messes with my off spring. That man would have been on his way to the hospital had he harmed my kid. The mom was way too calm. They would have had video of me being carried off by the police with a handful of that dude's junk. It's so NOT ok to harm a child. If he thought the little boy was going going to run him or his child over he should have just moved himself and his child out of the way. It's not hard. I've done it zillions of times.

When did adults stop acting like adults? Why would any adult think it's ok to harm a child? Why not just act your age and move out of the way or tell a staff member that a child is doing something you think he/she shouldn't be? I just don't understand it. All I know is that man is lucky that he did that to a child with a very calm mother and not someone like me.

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