Valentine's Picnic

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited and go to a mommy and me Valentine's picnic. There were around 40 mommies there with their kids. It was a lot fun getting to meet so many different types of moms. I didn't feel out of place like the "older mom". In one of the other groups I'm in I'm normally the oldest and the least whiny. I feel blessed to have an amazing family and to be healthy. I know not everyone has that but I also don't think interactive play groups are really the place for women to stand in the corner bitching about their lives when they are supposed to be having interactive educational play with their children. That stuff should be reserved for moms nights out or something along those lines. A time when the kids aren't there to have to listen to the complaints. There are also women in our group who like to beg for freebies and handouts. As a single mom I totally understand about financial issues BUT I don't sit around complaining about them. I typically boot my laptop and try to figure shit out. I prefer to focus on KC during mommy and me outings. 

With KC having some delays I sometimes feel out of place in other mom groups. With this group of ladies I felt OK even being the new girl. Of course it was still kind of awkward when we got there but the host of the event came running up me to and introduced herself and her mom. Kennady ran and played on the playground and even made a little friend. After the kids played and everyone ate we moved to the grass to exchange Valentine's cards/gifts. I spread out our blanket and KC and I took a seat. All the moms and kiddos walked around delivering Valentines to each person. Then came our turn. Well my tiny princess wanted to stay with her ever growing bag of Valentines. So I let her. Which is a huge deal for me. I'm not normally more than a few inches from KC at any given time. I walked around and delivered our Valentines all while looking over my shoulder making sure KC was still there and guess what .....SHE WAS!!! She sat there with her bag collecting her Valentines. By the time I was done she had pulled out a sucker and was waiting for me to open it for her. I opened a DumDum pop which is allergy friendly. She put on her adorable sunglasses and ate her sucker. She was in tiny human happiness and I was in mommy happiness. I'm awkward around people even ones that I know. Today I felt way less awkward and for me that's huge. 

They're also having a St. Patrick's Day picnic where everyone has to bring their favorite dish. I've already started to research Irish dishes. yes I'm a dork ...but I'm a happy dork with a happy kiddo.

KCs Valentines ready to be passed out! 

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