Tiny Human Tea Party!

I'm always on the look out for fun things to do with my tiny human. So when I saw that the local dance studio was having a tea party for tiny tots I jumped right on it.  It was a tutu party but I chose to wear our matching Old Navy dresses instead. We arrived at the dance studio shortly after the tea started (of course we're always a bit late lol) we were greeted by the studio owner and invited inside. The setting was beautiful. They had a beautiful ballerina in full tutu and pointe shoes. They had cute pastries made with essential oils like lavender. Many of the items were allergy friendly which is always a plus. The kids ran and danced for about an hour. They even had a little doggy in a tutu which of course Kennady fell in love with. They had many different teas all infused with Doterra essential oils. It was all quite lovely. 

For the price ( $20 )  I can't say I'd for sure do it again. It was less tea party and more DoTerra sales pitch. Thankfully I already like the oils so it was fine with me but I could have hosted a home party for free and got the same samples and information. Kennady liked playing with the other girls and LOVED the dog but for me it wasn't a $20 event. As a single mom I try to make sure the paid events that we do are worth it.  This one I didn't mind paying for but chances are we wont do it again. It was fun for both Kennay and I but we'd have had more fun for a longer amount of time at one of our many indoor play places for a cheaper price. The studio was lovely and the staff was beyond nice. 

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