Holy Crap I'm a Park Mom!!

So I've never REALLY been that mom who likes going to the park. Around here we have some awesome parks filled with some not so awesome children. Now I'm not saying people need to hover over their kids while they are at the park but at LEAST keep an eye on them. It's not even the younger kids that I have issues with (tho some of them don't know how to act) it's the older kids who come to the park acting a fool and running over the smaller kids. So we stuck to going to the park early in the morning or not at all. I was talking to my neighbor and he mentioned he found a great park not too far from our community. So I figured if he liked it then I should totally check it out. Holy smokes I'm so mad I didn't check it out sooner. It's totally a toddler and little kid park. All the equipment is lower to the ground so there really isn't much for older kids to play on thus keeping them away. There's even a small splash pad. The best part? It's fully fenced in. Most of our public parks are all open with no full fence and gate around them. This park (that shall remain nameless lol) also has a large grassy field area and a bunch of different walking and riding paths. ALL within the confines of the gates!  The parents and nannies I have met so far are super nice and the kids are lovely. We've been back almost everyday since we found it. KC loves playing and running. I love that I don't have to worry about her getting run over by some sullen teenager who isn't paying attention or just doesn't care. I even met a fellow speech delay mom. We talked about different speech therapies and what preschools had the best speech programs.I feel comfortable allowing my daughter to play and not having to be 2 inches from her at all times. Granted I'm still an attachment parent so I'm not far behind BUT at this park I am OK with letting her explore a bit more.  It's been really nice.  So yeah I am officially a proud park mom!  :)

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