A day at the farm


Yesterday started off pretty craptastic but I’ll explain more about that another day. Kennady , my mom and I ended the day by going to a farm with the Gymboree moms. Now I’m a California girl born and raised. I don’t don’t do farms. The kind of farms I do are setup in parking lots during Halloween with a horse , some hay and a few hundred pumpkins. So I was thinking this would be much the same. NO, NO it wasn’t. This was a real life ranch. Chickens, horses and flies OH MY!!! First we took some professional pictures with the ranch’s photographer then we walked around looking at and feeding all the animals.

When we first got there I was thinking OMG what was I thinking bringing the Bugaboo stroller to a ranch with poop all over the ground?! I met up with the rest of our group and saw that I wasn’t the only one with a pricey stroller in the horse muck. I felt not so stupid after that. Kennady had fun. She saw a bunch of animals she’d never seen before and even touched the horse. She giggled and smiled. It felt great to see her smile seeing that hours earlier she was screaming and upset.

My mom and I were standing around waiting because the moms had said they wanted to take a group picture with all the babies. So we waited and waited and waited. Finally my mom said well lets head home. I said ok. As we are walking out we saw all the moms standing near the front. They had already taken the group picture without Kennady. I was kinda sad. I know she’ll never remember any of this stuff but for right NOW she’s happy and enjoys it. So her not being in the group picture kinda bummed me out. Thankfully I took a ton of pictures on my own.

The ranch is open year round for free. When she’s a bit older I am for sure going to take her back.

Thank you McKee Ranch!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pumpkin-Patch-at-the-McKee-Ranch/155899237836214 



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Pissed as hell


It’s almost 3am and here I sit. I have been ordered by the court to take my beautiful baby girl to the lab today and have her tiny little mouth swabbed for a DNA test. I didn’t think it would piss me off. After all I have nothing to hide and I agreed to it.  The only reason I agreed to it was because I saw and heard the horrible things the donor would say about his daughter’s mother. Things about how he didn’t even know if the kid is his and that she was some sort of “slut”. Mind you these things were said in FRONT of his daughter. His claim now is that he had the daughter DNA tested without the consent or knowledge of the mother. THAT IS NOT OK WITH ME!!! What kind of piece of shit does that??!?! Oh wait the kind I reproduced with.

I’m pissed because I’m NOT the kind of person who doesn’t know who her child’s father is. I’m pissed because I was never a cheater. I’m pissed because I feel like some sort of common street trash who sleeps with everyone so they have to test her kid. This is so not me. I’m one of those dorky women who when she loves you that’s it. It’s you and only you. I WISH someone else was Kennady’s father, sadly my wish will never come true. Unless of course I meet a nice man who loves Kennady and I and wants to  marry me and adopt her. I’m too paranoid to even date anyone. My fear is someone will hurt my tiny princess. But I can dream, right?




Breastfeeding heaven!

I’ve been hearing all my friends talk about how great the mother’s room inside Nordstrom. I finally ventured out to the mall to check it out. First off the women’s lounge is very roomy and comfy/ You walk in and see these big cushy couches. There’s a door leading into the actual restroom through the lounge. On the other side of the lounge is a sign that says “Mother’s room”. I walked and there was a single comfy chair, changing table , sink and vending machine. For $1 you get a diaper , changing pad and wipes. I sat and nursed my tiny person in peace , quiet and luxury. I like that it is not only separate from the actual restroom but separate from the women’s lounge. It’s a mommy room all its own. I LOVE IT!! Thank you Nordstrom for thinking about mommies.


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Stackerz dog treats


I love Influenster so much than even my dogs are Influenster pups!  They were lucky enough to receive a full size bag of Stackerz treats by Pedigree.  They were gift Filet Mignon and Bacon Flavored treats (sounds good right??!). I have two dogs I could only get a picture of one of them (Stinker) because Peanut grabbed her treat and ran OFF with it. They both laid in the bright beautiful sunlight and enjoyed their treats. I have already purchased another package for them. They were a HUGE hit. If you want to pamper your pooch I say start with a package of Stackerz. BUY NOW!!

If you’d like more information on how to get the great freebies I show on my site please drop me a line or leave a comment.

Stackerz1 Stackerz2 Stinker



6 month shots

I just realized I forgot to tell you about Kennady’s six month shots. She  took em like a champ. We are on kind of a spread out vaccination schedule. Her doctor just likes to do them that way. They gave her one orally then two shots in her right leg and one shot in her left leg. She didn’t even cry she just looked at me like WHY ARE YOU LETTING THEM DO THIS TO ME?!!?!? After it was all over she just laid her head on my shoulder and went to sleep. She slept a good amount and wasn’t overly cranky when she was awake. We’ve been very blessed , Kennady hasn’t had a bad reaction to any of her shots. I hope I didn’t jinx it. I hope her new doctor and his staff will take as much love and care with her as her current doctor and his staff does.