Greek Toast!!

Sometimes I don't fit in

As I sit at my desk and chat with some of my amazing friends I've come to realize sometimes I just don't fit in. I don't like going out and getting drunk, I don't smoke weed or do any other drugs, I don't go out and party. I don't spend my life in the gym working out, I don't spend my time in the streets .... I stay home and get things done, I take my tiny human to therapy, I go to brunch , I go see shows, I go to Disneyland ....I don't do all the "typical" Las Vegas things. A friend just moved here a couple months ago and hates it. I didn't understand how anyone could hate Las Vegas. Tonight I started to understand. It's easy to hate a place where you just don't feel like you fit in ever.  Now I don't always feel like I don't fit in. I fit in at the mommy and family events. I fit in at Sesame street live, I fit in at the aquarium with the other moms who take their kids. I fit in in certain situations but not overall. I've come to the understanding that maybe I just need to stick with my family and that's ok with me.