The Disney Wonder

KC dressed up every day in a new princess dress. Here are a few you all might like. Oh and all Disney Cruises have Pirate Night!!!

A Wonder-ful Sight

We went on a DISNEY CRUISE!!! #MoreToCome

Being THE picture...

Hanging out at Disneyland

PBS Be My Neighbor

A few weeks ago we got to attend the PBS kids Daniel Tiger Be My Neighbor event. KC loves PBS kids and Daniel Tiger so when I saw the event I knew we had to go. They offered a VIP experience which of course I wanted to take part in. It's hot here in Vegas and with the VIP experience we got to Meet Daniel and Kitty inside in the cool air. We got to use the inside bathrooms (that was worth the $75 in itself lol) ,they gave us cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and smoothies. KC was super excited when she spotted Daniel Tiger. I handed my phone to one of the PBS volunteers to take pictures but they didn't bother to take many pictures of her when she was walking up to them and dancing and stuff but hey that's ok  we got some cute ones. After we met the characters we went outside to the main event. There were so many booths and community people there it was great to see. So many giveaways and people to talk to from local businesses. I always like to support our locals. It was hot but a lot of the booths gave out cute fans and misters so that helped a lot. Since it's Vegas of course someone had a giant Elvis who KC totally fell in love with. His hands confused her tho. He only had 4 fingers on each hand. She kept counting them and then looking at her own hands lol

When it got too hot we went inside to do some ice skating on the same rink the Golden Knights practice on. Which is totally awesome! Since it was nearing nap time by this point we didn't do a lot of skating but we got everyone out on the ice. KC walks better in ice skates than I do which was kinda funny.I just knew she'd tip over but NOPE she handled those skates like a champ. We're going to have to get her back out there when it's not nap time and she's not upset with life. Even with being slightly upset she still did really well and we all had fun. All in all it was a great day.


Off to Disneyland!!!!

Greek Toast!!

Sometimes I don't fit in

As I sit at my desk and chat with some of my amazing friends I've come to realize sometimes I just don't fit in. I don't like going out and getting drunk, I don't smoke weed or do any other drugs, I don't go out and party. I don't spend my life in the gym working out, I don't spend my time in the streets .... I stay home and get things done, I take my tiny human to therapy, I go to brunch , I go see shows, I go to Disneyland ....I don't do all the "typical" Las Vegas things. A friend just moved here a couple months ago and hates it. I didn't understand how anyone could hate Las Vegas. Tonight I started to understand. It's easy to hate a place where you just don't feel like you fit in ever.  Now I don't always feel like I don't fit in. I fit in at the mommy and family events. I fit in at Sesame street live, I fit in at the aquarium with the other moms who take their kids. I fit in in certain situations but not overall. I've come to the understanding that maybe I just need to stick with my family and that's ok with me.

Hard at work

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Just trying to understand......

Now this is a social media meme that I in NO way shape or form believe to be true. It however does make me think. WHY when a mother does something for herself is she judged for it even when her family is well taken care of? We never see these things said about men. If a man golfs weekly. No one is accusing him of neglecting his family or home BUT me getting my nails done every 2 weeks is looked down upon. The cost of his golfing is MUCH more than my nails. Men get hair cuts. No one is telling them they are neglecting their families for such acts of self maintenance. Why? Why is it only women who get judged? WHY is most of the judging coming from other women?

Women and can equally be good or bad parents. The way one looks and the phone you use isn't a sure fire way to say yes he or she is a bad or good parent. 

A friend said " Because women who can't afford to get their nails done all the time are jealous of those who can. That's all it is." 

Is this really true? Is it all jealousy? Have I just been lucky enough to have a core group of friends who are my biggest cheerleaders? The types of ladies who say things like "pretty nails" and actually mean it. Not pretty nails now I am going to put you down to everyone? I just find it so odd. Why can't we cheer each other on or just mind our own business?  

Fuel Rod at Disneyland

Fish Extender Gifts (Disney Cruise)