Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for. I have a loving family and the most amazing daughter ever. The road may not be easy but I am overly thankful for being able to take this journey with Kennady and my family. 

I hope everyone has an amazing day filled with love and good food.


<3 Inza and Kennady

I <3 her pictures

On Friday Kennady took her first Christmas pictures. I think they turned out cute even though the little stinker refused to really smile. She has the most gorgeous smile but when she gets in front of a professional camera or heck a camera in general it takes so much just to get her to smile. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen but when a camera comes out she gets all serious and studies the camera and the person behind it. Here’s a few of the shots I liked. I liked a lot of different ones and may have to order more prints. Not bad for JCPenny , right?

KCMXmas 1stxmas Firstxmas

Baby’s first Christmas Ornament

My friend Kathy is an amazing clay artist. She makes all of her items by hand. When I was looking for a place to get Kennady’s first Christmas ornament the first person I went to was her. While I was pregnant I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Kennady nightly. It’s a tradition we still carry on. She loves that book. She smiles, laughs , touches the pictures and chews on the cardboard pages. She seems to really enjoy it. While I was pregnant if I wanted her to move around and kick  I’d read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and sing her the theme song from Barney. Yeah yeah yeah I know Barney *twitch*  lol I thought it was fitting that her first ornament was based on the book that started it all. The book that started Kennady and I’s reading relationship. I think it turned out amazing. I’m thrilled.
Check out Bits Of Joy!

IMG_3507 IMG_3506

Christmas pictures

I want to do Kennady’s “first Christmas” photos but professional photographers are very costly  so we’re going to JCPenny. I found some great coupons for photos so that’s what we’re going with. I found two great dresses at a consignment shop both were $4.99. There was a lady there who picked up what looked like the dress I REALLY wanted but I think after trying these dresses on my princess they were just perfect. I love going in and thinking I know exactly what I want then ending up with something I didn’t even know I wanted. Normally it turns out even better. Now the key is to pick which dress will look best in pictures. Hmmmmm I’ll keep ya posted. Our appointment is at 4:00pm today.
IMG_3487 IMG_3451

WAHM ~ Online Juror

Have you ever wanted to be a juror , get paid for it AND do it from the comfort of your own home? Here is your chance. www.onlineverdict.com is always looking for online jurors to try their cases in front of before they go before a "real" jury in a court of law. Think of it as a mock trial of sorts.
Here's how it works:
  1. Attorneys submit their case information and questions for the jury on the OnlineVerdict.com website.
  2. As an eligible online juror you may be asked to review cases that are filed in your county or federal district. You will receive an email invitation from OnlineVerdict.com to review the case at your convenience, but once enough responses are received, the case will close and no additional participants are needed.
  3. Your email invitation will provide a link to the OnlineVerdict.com website. After you log in you will be directed to the case and asked to agree to the confidentiality policy, review the case materials and answer all questions about that case.
    There are no right or wrong answers. We are only looking for your honest reaction to the information that was presented to you. Your time commitment for each case will vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the details of the case, but you always have the option to choose which cases you want to review. The estimated time commitment for each case will be included in your email invitation.
  4. After you complete a case you will be paid for your time. Payment amounts vary depending on the complexity and length of the case you review, but payments start at $20 per case and can go up to $60 per case. Checks are mailed once a month to the address you have on file in your OnlineVerdict.com account. The number of cases you may be asked to review will also vary depending on the number of attorneys in your area who are using this service.

To answer the age old question YES this is legit. If you follow the rules and do everything you're supposed to do YES you will get paid.
Happy Juroring (is that even a word? lol)


This has been a big week in our lives. On 11/13/14 Kennady said her very first word. It was mom! She was standing in my lap looking directly at me and out of the blue she yelled MOM! As clear as day. My mom and I started screaming with excitement. Kennady looked at her grandma then looked at me stuck out her bottom lip and began to cry. We scared her. Ooops!! I wont lie I was afraid her first word would be something else. I know it seems silly but every mom wants their child’s first word to be mom. When you’re the one who takes care of this beautiful little person you want them to call your name first. I’m super blessed that she looked at me and called my name before anyone else’s. Granted I don’t think Kennady will be saying it again anytime soon since we scared the daylights out of her but hey once was enough for me…. for now.

My mom said the nicest thing

We were at Gymboree today talking to Kennady’s teacher Miss Lindsiee about the hand print turkey Kennady had just made. Let me back track, on Saturday I took Kennady to the Babies R Us “Baby’s First Christmas” event for babies born between November and March. We made adorable hand print reindeer ornaments. I also got myself a Christmas gift. I got mine and Kennady’s hand prints done by a company called Tiny Impressions. I’m very excited. So anyway back to my mom, she was telling Miss Lindsiee about how I try my hardest to expose Kennady to everything for babies. It may not seem like much but from MY mother that’s  a high five. At least she notices the effort I’m putting in to make sure Kennady can do and see everything. Just because I’m a single mom doesn’t mean my child has to miss out on anything. I try really hard and it was just nice that someone noticed that I’m trying. It feels good. Kennady is my world.

10253764_10154890149675157_6334936407362257347_n 10336727_10154890155065157_6051379918327207239_n

How many brands do you see?

I took a picture at the McKee Ranch last week and realized after looking at it that I am VERY loyal to brands I like.  Lets run down the line shall we.
IMG_3204 IMG_3205 
1. My Bugaboo Stroller ~ Now this stroller was on my wish list since before I got pregnant with Kennady. I love the versatility of this stroller. It comes with the bassinet and a toddler seat. It took me a few weeks to get used to opening and closing it. You have to take it apart in order to fold it BUT after you get used to it it’s pretty easy. Kennady is a tiny baby so the seat belt in the Bugaboo isn’t the best. It’s way too big and of course I didn’t notice this until we got to the farm the other day. She didn’t try to get out so it wasn’t too big of a problem.

2. Skip Hop Stroller Toy – I got this about an hour before going to the farm the other day. Kennady is used to having toys to play with while she rides in her infant car seat. I figured I’d heard so many good thing that I might as well run and pick one up before we went on our Gymboree mom outing. It attaches via velcro onto any stroller bar. Kennady loves loves LOVES it. It has a mirror, rattle , soft toy and crinkle toy. It’s very well constructed. Kennady tugged, chewed and beat on it all day. Well worth the $20

3. JuJuBe BeHip Bag – I went all the way to Costa Mesa California to get this bag and let me tell you it was well worth the trip. The inside is a shiny silky pink that wipes down very easily with a baby wipe. I like this bag because it’s a longer bag and very roomy. For me a longer bag works better a lot of the time. My much larger and much wider Coach diaper bag is great for travel but a day trip doesn’t require such a large bag and it tends to get in the way. The BeHip has an adjustable strap with a padded shoulder. The best perk is it’s machine washable. This is my new go to bag.

4. SkipHop Stroller organizer – Now this is my favorite. There is no basket or anything on the Bugaboo to put your cell phone or cup in. I went looking for something cute and found the SkipHop Stroller organizer. It has a spot for two cups or bottles plus a spot in the middle for just about anything. I put my cell phone in the middle compartment. THEN there is this cute zipper pouch on the front. I call it the mommy pouch. You can put your cash, ID and anything else you need in there. Now here’s the fun part the pouch ZIPS OFF!! That’s right it’s like a mini mommy purse that you can take away from the stroller with you. The quality of the fabric is amazing. It easily wipes off with a baby wipe

So far I haven’t gotten anything from SkipHop or JuJuBe that I don’t just love. With as much research and hands on testing I did with the Bugaboo I knew I’d love it.


My JuJuBe Haul


I totally forgot to tell everyone about the awesome sale I went to…sorta. The company JuJuBe  had a really cool warehouse sale. The company was moving so they had to get rid of a lot of inventory quickly.  I’m still new to the JuJuBe world but I’m a sucker for a deal on good products. My friend Laura is a total JuJuBe girl so I figured since she’s been so nice to Kennady and I that I’d go and pick her up a nice BRB bag. So here’s where my plan went haywire. The JuJuBe sale was on a Friday I read it wrong and showed up at the warehouse on SATURDAY!!! Yes, I showed up on the wrong day!!! Thankfully when I got there there was a man there still dealing with the left over inventory and he let me in to shop!! Oh did I mention that we drove 60 miles to get there?!?! Yeah mommy brain in full effect.  Sadly they didn’t have anymore BRB bags for Laura but I did get her and her mom two sets so at least I was able to get her something nice.  Lets run down my haul shall we?!

3 JuJuBe Sets

1 Memory Foam changing pad

1 JuJuBe Be Hip Bag (the brown and pink)

1 JuJuBe Be Thrifty Wallet (for my mom)

1 JuJuBe Mighty Be (black with pink)

The even cooler thing was the man who was still at the warehouse gave me an even better deal than what was listen on the price list. I got 7 items for $70 !!!

I didn’t get the bag that I was after but I  got (to me) even cooler stuff. The quality of these bags and pad are amazing AND total mommy perk everything can be tossed in the washing machine!! YES!!!! As a mom to an almost 8 month old I think everything should be machine washable. I think I am now a JuJuBe addict. I want all the cool prints now. The quality is worth the extra money.