This has been a big week in our lives. On 11/13/14 Kennady said her very first word. It was mom! She was standing in my lap looking directly at me and out of the blue she yelled MOM! As clear as day. My mom and I started screaming with excitement. Kennady looked at her grandma then looked at me stuck out her bottom lip and began to cry. We scared her. Ooops!! I wont lie I was afraid her first word would be something else. I know it seems silly but every mom wants their child’s first word to be mom. When you’re the one who takes care of this beautiful little person you want them to call your name first. I’m super blessed that she looked at me and called my name before anyone else’s. Granted I don’t think Kennady will be saying it again anytime soon since we scared the daylights out of her but hey once was enough for me…. for now.

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