Splash Pad Fun!

Since it's well over 100 degrees here almost everyday the princess and I love to visit all sorts of splash pads. Now if you don't know what splash pads are they are these neat little "parks" with holes in the ground that water shoot up out of.  It's a fun way to stay cool in this heat but not all the issues with going to the pool. WE have a pool and an aquatics center but during the summer the bigger kids are there and don't seem to pay attention to the little ones so they tend to get run over. So splash pads seem to be the better option.  Thankfully here we have literally 100 of them. So we travel around weekly to new splash pads. It's one of our fun weekly outings. 

 Have a fun summer!!!

KC and Inza

BreatheBaby Nasal Aspirator

For all the parents to be or very new parents I'm going to let you in on a little secret....... Kids can be gross! Everything from snotty noses to poopy diaper blow outs. Now allow me to help you out with the snotty nose issue. Nothing makes a parent sadder than their little one being sick and them not being able to do much about it. I've been very blessed that since her NICU stay KC has only been sick twice in two years. The first time she got a stuff, snotty , yucky nose I used one of those bulbs the hospital sent home with us. I quickly realized that thing sucked and NOT in a good way. I did some research and found this product. It sounds gross at first but it works so so sooooooooooooo well. You stick one end into the baby's nose (the blue part) and then put the red part at the end of the tube in your mouth. Then you SUCK. I didn't know someone so tiny could have so much snot inside of them. KC was breathing and sleeping better while she was sick. It's so easy to use and so effective. I will never use another kind of  aspirator ever again. This thing is awesome!

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

Say “See-ya!” To Snotsicles
The Bundle Tumble BreatheBaby is a pediatrician-recommended nasal aspirator that effectively and conveniently removes mucus from baby’s nose so he or she can finally breath freely. It is the most convenient, compact and non-invasive method of infant sinus congestion treatment around.
Less Boogers = Less Tears
Babies can’t tell us what is bothering them when they are crying, but it is safe to say that a congested baby is an unhappy one. Unfortunately, they also can’t pick up a tissue and **** their own nose, so along comes your Bundle Tumble BreatheBaby to save the day! This simple but ingeniously designed unit can ensure your baby is snot-free and fuss-free in no time.
Easy To Use
The BreatheBaby couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is place the designated end of the tube against baby’s nostril (do not insert the tube into the nostril) and place the other end of the tube in your mouth, using your own suction to suck the mucus out of baby’s nose and into the collection tube. Prior to use, it is recommended you apply a couple drops of saline solution to your baby’s nostrils to help loosen up mucus for easier removal.
Safe and Sanitary
Don’t worry – none of the mucus will enter your mouth! The specially designed collection tube will safely and hygienically catch anything to come out of baby’s nose. The BreatheBaby was designed with sanitation, efficiency and safety in mind. It is made of BPA and phthalate free materials only. The BreatheBaby is also easy to clean, its accessories are (top-rack) dishwasher friendly.  

Why do I ......

A lot of people ask me why my blog is filled with product reviews. Well it's pretty simple ......  I'm a single mom and reviewing products helps provide my family with things that they need at prices I like....... FREE!!!

When you're a single parent most times you're on some sort of budget no matter how much you make. KC is in all sorts of activities  and reviewing not only helps with certain costs but gives us some awesome products to use and have fun with. We have been introduced to so many cool products and even more importantly so many amazing companies and sellers. I take our work as reviewers and brand reps VERY seriously. I really do use ALL the products and give my honest opinion on each item. If I love it you'll know. On the flip side if I don't love it you'll know that too. We have enjoyed every minute of  being product reviewers / brand reps and I hope we can review and be brand reps for many other companies.

So yeah I'm a Pink Lady!

So yeah I'm officially a Pink Lady. NO I'm not talking about the movie Grease I'm talking about Ju-Ju-Be.  What's Ju-Ju-Be you ask? It's only the best diaper bag company on the planet. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I have A LOT of Ju-Ju_be bags and love each and every one of them.

Ju-Ju-Be has this yearly event called the Pink Lady Get Together. They invite all their Pink Ladies (hardcore Ju-Ju-Be fans) to an outdoor picnic with games, bags , giveaways and fun. This was the first year I was able to attend. My friend and I went to Costa Mesa for the event. We got there and checked in. We were directed to the food tent where they were serving the most AMAZING fish tacos from a restaurant called Wahoo's . They had a few different tents. I checked out the custom items made by Verla  , took a Ju-Ju-Be selfie, watched a couple of games and talked to some awesome Pink Ladies and Onyx Dads. THEN it was raffle time. I stood under the selfie tent and waited for the numbers to be called. Much to my shock and surprise I WON A BAG!!! It was  Perky-Toki Super Be   !!! I love this bag and the pattern. I had actually purchased it during the original release. We ended with an awesome group photo. Which I hope to be able to post as soon as Ju-Ju-Be posts it. All in all it was an awesome day. Even my friend Danielle had a blast which was kinda shocking lol  I'm already looking at hotel options for next years get together!

My Ju-Ju-Be Favorites (yes I own all of these personally lol ). All of my favorite bags come in a variety of colors and patterns.