Why do I ......

A lot of people ask me why my blog is filled with product reviews. Well it's pretty simple ......  I'm a single mom and reviewing products helps provide my family with things that they need at prices I like....... FREE!!!

When you're a single parent most times you're on some sort of budget no matter how much you make. KC is in all sorts of activities  and reviewing not only helps with certain costs but gives us some awesome products to use and have fun with. We have been introduced to so many cool products and even more importantly so many amazing companies and sellers. I take our work as reviewers and brand reps VERY seriously. I really do use ALL the products and give my honest opinion on each item. If I love it you'll know. On the flip side if I don't love it you'll know that too. We have enjoyed every minute of  being product reviewers / brand reps and I hope we can review and be brand reps for many other companies.

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