I get it

So many times sexual assaults go unreported out of fear and shame. I have always understood that but I had personally never actually met someone who has or would call an assault victim names or shame them (either male for female). I have finally met one and it makes me ill. I was having dinner with a friend and mentioned why a friend had stopped doing pageants when she was around 19. Someone running the event put his hand under her swim suit after she had said no to an unwanted kiss. The person I was dining with flipped out and started calling her and all women who are sexually assaulted "fucking liars" saying give him 10 minutes with him and he'd have them crying. So because she happens to be female she is never to be believed , called names and made to cry? For me as a woman this is a sad sad sad form of thinking. The idea that attacking a woman who has been assaulted is some how "ok" sickens me.  It sickens me that women are attacked when they wait "too long" to report an assault but they're also attacked when they report right away. Why are men valued more than women? Why are women's bodies not valued? Women are humans beings too. I keep getting stuck on the fact that my friend was called a "fucking liar" by someone who has never met them nor knows the person who assaulted her YET the perpetrator was automatically defended and the woman automatically demonized. Why?  Just why? Sexual assault is one of the most horrible things that can happen to a human being male or female and yet people are made to feel badly about being a victim. It's wrong! Just plain wrong!