Pure Silk Review

Being a part of Influenster has been amazing. I love it!!! In my VowVoxBox I got a product that I am very familiar with. Pure Silk Shave Cream. I always use this cream. It’s one of the few that not only keeps my legs soft and smooth but doesn’t break them out. I’ve been known to have sensitive skin so this product is perfect. They have a bunch of different scents. The Raspberry Mist was a new one for me but has quickly become one of my favorites. So thank you Pure Silk ( http://www.pure-silk.com/ ) for being a part of Influenster and keeping my summer legs sexy and smooth. If you’d like to be part of the freebie fun leave me your email address and I will send you an invite.



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Am I pissed? HELL YES!


I’m trying not to be on the bitter train but sometimes it’s hard. Thankfully my daughter wants for NOTHING. I was sitting here deleting files from my computer and I came across photos from my old phone. There were a few pictures of Damon and I but more pictures of the things we used to do and pictures of the things HE said he was going to get Kennady. Pictures of things I went out of my way and bought and/or made for his daughter (a child that isn’t even mine). Pictures of dinners I cooked for not only him but his mother. The wedding dresses we had BOTH looked at. WHY LIE?!?!!? Why not just say I would like to have sex and leave it at that? Why promise the world? Why say you love someone? Why lead them to believe you will have a life together? That’s just sick and wrong. We looked at baby stuff together and even went to MommyCon. Granted we got there late because his mommy needed to go somewhere right as we were supposed to go. We only went because I won tickets. He kept telling me he’d get the tickets and never bothered to. The same went for Gear-a-palooza. I didn’t end up getting to go to Gear-a-palooza because he kept saying he would get the tickets and by the time I was done waiting on him the tickets were sold out. Totally me fault for waiting. Ok Maybe I’m not pissed I’m just hurt. I cry not because I give a damn about him. I cry because how in heck am I going to teach Kennady how to protect her heart when I can’t even protect mine? How do I teach her to not fall for all the “nice” words when I couldn’t?  I gave my heart and got kicked in it. I gave my heart and it got stomped on. I gave my heart and I got the love of my life. My Kennady. For that I thank God for daily. As I watch her sleep I think of all the things we’re going to do and experience together. Not the things I was stupid about. I would have respected him more had he just said “hey I just want to have sex with you.” I can’t respect someone to plays with someone’s heart and abandons their child.  I have yet to give up on love. I will find it one day. God has someone who is right for me and my offspring. Someone will love us and until then I love us, my family loves us, Amy loves us. We have so much love. We are very lucky.

***You know I even joined online groups about being a good step parent and how not to over step my place and not upset his daughter’s mother.  I took it all so seriously and I was the only one who did. ***

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YAY A New VoxBox!!

As most of you know I'm a member of the Influenster team. I get these really cool boxes full of free products to test called VoxBoxes. Well I got a new one in the mail yesterday called the VowVoxBox. It's wedding season so that's the theme of the box. I got all sorts of cool stuff. Stay tuned for some reviews and stuff about the great products I got. If you'd like an invite to take part in the Influenster program please let me know. I’m way too excited about this box lol 




I must sing the praises of Fisher Price once again. NO I’m not being paid for this ha ha. Kennady is able to hold her own head up now and I was looking for a seat so she could practice sitting up. I got a Bumbo seat and a Super Seat by Summer Infant. She liked both seats. She seemed to be able to sit in the Bumbo seat a bit longer than the Super Seat. With the Super Seat she seemed to sit weird and the inner infant seat was hard and moved very easily. I went online and saw the Sit Me Up Seat by Fisher Price. I was kind of iffy when I first saw it because it only had two toys on it for the baby to play with. I purchased the frog seat and sat my tiny human in it. SHE LOVED IT!!! She actually played with the toys. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys before this. She laughed and played for about 15 minutes before bed. The next morning I returned the Super Seat! Fisher Price’s products are just amazing ! I love them and more importantly Kennady loves them and that IS the point, right?
BUMBO Frog Frog2 SuperSeat

Kennady’s mommy

You have a shopping problem when…..


I’ve discovered consignment events and stores. When I was around 30 weeks pregnant my perinatal nurse told me about something called MooLaLa. She was talking about it like it was the best thing since the epidural. I didn’t pay much attention to her. I was too stressed about other stuff. She mentioned it again at around 35 weeks. By then I was very interested. I went to their website and signed up for the new mom event. I had no idea what I was getting into. If you’ve read my past updates you’ll know this is the event I went into labor at lol https://www.facebook.com/MooLaLaBoutiqueRedlands WELL I have discovered there are MORE of these events!!! YES MORE and I think I have attended them all lol.

Spending time in Las Vegas with my family every now and then has opened me up to a lot of new shops and events. The first one I found was https://www.facebook.com/AsTheyGrowLV . This event was just like MooLaLa. There were over 40,000 items everything from clothes to strollers. I missed the deadline to register as a new mommy so it was pretty picked through when I got there. I didn’t buy anything because everything I was looking for was gone. Had Kennady needed clothes I would have been in heaven but clothes…yeah Kennady has those lol  Now what I forgot to mention is that before going to “As They Grow” I went to the Tiny Wardrobe 25 cent sale https://www.facebook.com/TheTinyWardrobe . YES 25 CENTS PER ITEM!!! Oh did I do some damage. WAIT there’s more the hour BEFORE the 25 cent sale ALL clothes in the store were $1 a piece. Even more damage was done then.

I already have my next trip planned. http://www.almostnewkids.com/ I’ll let you know how this one is. I already signed up for their new mommy event.

MY NAME IS INZA AND I’M A SHOP-A-HOLIC  but I get everything at a good price !!! When you shop on a budget it means you can buy even more stuff and that’s the fun part.


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