I must sing the praises of Fisher Price once again. NO I’m not being paid for this ha ha. Kennady is able to hold her own head up now and I was looking for a seat so she could practice sitting up. I got a Bumbo seat and a Super Seat by Summer Infant. She liked both seats. She seemed to be able to sit in the Bumbo seat a bit longer than the Super Seat. With the Super Seat she seemed to sit weird and the inner infant seat was hard and moved very easily. I went online and saw the Sit Me Up Seat by Fisher Price. I was kind of iffy when I first saw it because it only had two toys on it for the baby to play with. I purchased the frog seat and sat my tiny human in it. SHE LOVED IT!!! She actually played with the toys. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys before this. She laughed and played for about 15 minutes before bed. The next morning I returned the Super Seat! Fisher Price’s products are just amazing ! I love them and more importantly Kennady loves them and that IS the point, right?
BUMBO Frog Frog2 SuperSeat

Kennady’s mommy

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