You have a shopping problem when…..


I’ve discovered consignment events and stores. When I was around 30 weeks pregnant my perinatal nurse told me about something called MooLaLa. She was talking about it like it was the best thing since the epidural. I didn’t pay much attention to her. I was too stressed about other stuff. She mentioned it again at around 35 weeks. By then I was very interested. I went to their website and signed up for the new mom event. I had no idea what I was getting into. If you’ve read my past updates you’ll know this is the event I went into labor at lol WELL I have discovered there are MORE of these events!!! YES MORE and I think I have attended them all lol.

Spending time in Las Vegas with my family every now and then has opened me up to a lot of new shops and events. The first one I found was . This event was just like MooLaLa. There were over 40,000 items everything from clothes to strollers. I missed the deadline to register as a new mommy so it was pretty picked through when I got there. I didn’t buy anything because everything I was looking for was gone. Had Kennady needed clothes I would have been in heaven but clothes…yeah Kennady has those lol  Now what I forgot to mention is that before going to “As They Grow” I went to the Tiny Wardrobe 25 cent sale . YES 25 CENTS PER ITEM!!! Oh did I do some damage. WAIT there’s more the hour BEFORE the 25 cent sale ALL clothes in the store were $1 a piece. Even more damage was done then.

I already have my next trip planned. I’ll let you know how this one is. I already signed up for their new mommy event.

MY NAME IS INZA AND I’M A SHOP-A-HOLIC  but I get everything at a good price !!! When you shop on a budget it means you can buy even more stuff and that’s the fun part.


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