Thank you Fisher Price

My mother got a second hand swing for Kennady. It was the exact swing I had been looking at online. I LOVE it! The swing was missing the cord and the toy tray. They sell the cord on their website for $9 and a lamb toy tray for like $15. The lamb toy tray goes with the lamb swing not the sugar plum swing that we have. I emailed them asking if they had the matching Sugar Plum toy tray. Well I guess I was having one of my personal pity party days and told them all about my daughter and how she was in the NICU and everything else. Seems they felt for me and I got the most lovely email congratulating me on the birth of my daughter and that they were gifting me both the toy tray and the plug. I sat and cried like a baby. Sometimes it’s amazing to just know there are nice people and companies still out there. Not everyone is heartless and self absorbed. I have always loved Fisher Price’s products and now I love their company even more. So I would like to publically say THANK YOU to Fisher Price. My baby is a VERY happy camper and mommy is happy to not have to spend my life savings buying batteries.
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