Breastfeeding is EVERYTHING!!

Long before I got pregnant with Kennady I knew I wanted to exclusively breastfeed if I was able to. So far that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. As a matter of fact my life kinda revolves around it. I feed on demand not on a schedule. She eats when she wants to eat not when I want her to eat. Well wait let me back up. The first week of her life the NICU nurses fed her on demand. When she was discharged they told me to not let her sleep more than 4 hours at a time because she needed to eat. I was to wake her to eat. So for the first couple of weeks I did feed on a schedule. Now we have graduated back to on demand feeding. She has “cluster fed” a few times but it wasn’t really that bad. I look at her in awe. I look at my body in awe. for 39 weeks 5 days I kept her alive inside my body and I am still keeping her alive with my body via my breast milk. The female body is an amazing thing. I have been debating on if I should or shouldn’t post breastfeeding pictures on my blog. I think for now I will vote against it. I don’t want to embarrass Kennady later on in life anymore than I already am. HaHa! I’m just so in love with her and our bond. She’s gaining weight and getting longer.  My name is no longer Inza I’m now called “Mommy Milk” and that is A-OK with me.
Kennady’s mommy!

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