I just watch her sleep


I’m sitting here rather upset and all I can do to keep from crying is watch my sweet Kennady sleep. I want to pick her up and hold her tight but I don’t want to wake her. Babies need their sleep after all. So I watch from the edge of the bed. I got myself an early Mother’s Day gift. A necklace that says “For this child I have prayed”.  Tonight just upset me and talking about it here could end up costing me a lot. So I sit and try not to cry. Then I think crying may help. I’ve heard crying is healthy. I’ve also heard crying burns calories so between breastfeeding and crying I should be a size 2 by Halloween. So now I shall pump. My tiny human refuses to take a bottle so the pumped milk may just sit in the freezer til it’s out of date. Who knows maybe I’ll donate it.

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