I have been sitting here festering over this shit for a couple weeks now. Damon called out of the blue babbling about wanting to help support Kennady and stuff.  So anyway he says that no one took into consideration that he drove two hours to the hospital the day AFTER I had Kennady. He whined about not getting to see her and me not taking him down to the NICU. EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME….. I had just been cut open less than 24 hours before this. I had a horrible cough which was hell on my stitches and made it so I couldn’t see my own baby in the NICU because I could make her or the other babies sick.  Which I would NEVER want. But I should have gotten up out of bed after having major surgery gotten into a wheel chair to take a “man” down to the NICU who hasn’t even been around during my pregnancy? ARE YOU KIDDIGN ME?!?!!? His reply to all of this was “Well this isn’t about you.” YES that’s the problem. He seems to think everything is about HIM. It’s NOT! It’s about Kennady!
He then had the audacity to say he’s “hurt” and “upset” because I act like he doesn’t care about Kennady. I don’t have to act like it he has shown it. He hasn’t purchased not one thing. My BFF, my family and I have purchased everything Kennady needs and then some.
I am starting to really understand why women let their kids’ father’s off the hook with child support. You get to the point where you want nothing from them but for them to go away and never return. UGH!
I fear my latest and future posts will get me into trouble. I guess to a point if something happens to me that’s not “natural”  maybe my posts will help point to who did it. I am trying to no longer be afraid of Damon’s anger and outbursts. I’m taking back my life and giving Kennady her best shot at a good life.
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