Ju-Ju-Be Pink Lady Get Together!!

We're finally home from an amazing trip to California.When
Ju-Ju-Be announced the dates for their Southern California get together I booked our hotel room right away. We weren't even quite sure where in Costa Mesa it was going to be but hey it's Ju-Ju-Be so whatever! lol

This trip was a little shorter than what we normally do when we travel to California. My daughter recently started preschool and I didn't want to pull her out an extra days seeing that it's her last week of school. So we only stayed 4 days. When we got in my friend had just been induced so I went over there to keep her company while labor progressed. After hours of no baby we headed back to the hotel (this was Thursday). Friday was the big Ju-Ju-Be Warehouse Sale which is always super fun and of course the deals are amazing!!! Friday night we were heading back to the hospital BUT kinda got side tracked. We ended up at a college friend's house for a bar b que and well that's where we stayed until around midnight. Our friend had her baby earlier  that evening. OOPS!! we kinda missed it lol

Saturday was the big Ju-Ju-Be Pink Lady Get Together. My best friend and Godmother to my daughter came with us this year. It was the first time she'd been. She and Kennady ran around having fun while I shopped at the customs table.

We all had so much fun. There were raffles, games, food, snow cones and lots and lots and lots of Pink Ladies. I had so much fun getting to know everyone and chatting with the beautiful ladies that I chat with and follow online. It's so cool to finally meet so many of the ladies I have bought things from through the b/s/t as well. Like HEY I bought my MiniBe from you!!! lol  I can't wait til next year!!!

Eeek I got to meet Taylor!!!