Sally Hansen® Complete Salon Manicure


I was lucky enough to get yet another free  VoxBox from Influenster!! This time I got not one not two but THREE bottles of Sally Hansen® Complete Salon Manicure. The colors I got were Jaded, Red My Lips and Pat on the Black. I loved ALL of the colors. I loved them so much that I actually painted my nails different colors. I went to my midwife’s office and everyone was like OMG too cute. They have an odd brush design and by odd I mean good odd. It’s flat and makes WAY more sense. It makes it much easier to paint your nails. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? So far it’s lasted for about 2 weeks with minimal chipping and it’s still shiny!  I’m wearing black and white to my baby shower now I just have to pick out my Sally Hansen nail color.

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33 weeks day 6


So I spent January 10 – 17 having my own personal BABY MOON!! It was so much fun. We checked into the Haiti Village timeshare resort. We had an amazing room that I actually forgot to take pictures of. I booked the two bedroom 2 bathroom 1 1/2 kitchen suite. I think the front desk guy said it was 1300 square feet.

Here is where the real fun begins. They have an activities center. I was looking at the list of activities and realized that a lot of them were kinda cool crafting activities. Things I could make for Kennady’s room!  So I got up the next morning and off to crafting I went. Our first activity  was “Face painting”. Well I didn’t want my face painted I wanted my belly painted!! So I went down and met Cindy and asked her if she’d paint my pregnant belly. Much to my surprise she said YES!! We hopped on pinterest to find a design and she started to paint. It turned out so cute. She took a picture to send to her boss. Later that day I got to make a candle holder for the baby’s room. Granted I wont be putting a lit candle in it. Maybe a battery operated one.  The next day was “sun catchers” day. These were pretty cool too. You can either hang them or suction cup them on a window. I made Kennady a mitten and matching hat with her name on it. I hung them from the light in my room after they dried just to see what they’d look like. I love them!!! My little cousin Maya and I also made something called “Flubber” that day too. Think old school slime but more solid. lol On Monday January 13 my mom and I went to the make your own tote bag activity. My mom has WAY more crafting talent that I could ever dream of! Her bag came out soooo cute!! The next day I learned how to make bath salts. I made purple with lavender scent. I think I am going to make this and put it in small containers for baby shower gifts. Maybe do some pink and some purple ones. Not sure yet but it sure was fun to make. Later that day when Maya got out of school we made cute charm bracelets out of plastic beads. On Wednesday I made a wood photo frame for Kennady’s room with her name on it. It’s purple and pink of course lol. Thursday was decorate your own mug day. I was very excited about that. I never knew you could decorate a mug with sharpie markers and bake it to set the colors. I made a mug for Amy and I. Mine says “Kennady’s mommy” and Amy’s says “Kennady’s favorite Aunt”. I think they came out cute. A lady that was in activity center made a duck for me on my cup :)  . Later that day there was a fused bead craft but I missed it :(  Jessica the girl who works in the activities center was kind enough to make me a purple and pink heart key chain with a “K” on it since I missed the craft hour. I thought that was totally sweet. I almost cried because well that’s what I do here lately lol Friday morning I went to the 10th floor to do some morning yoga with Jessica. Great way to start my morning and end my trip. Oh did I mention that Damon and the rest of my family got a good giggle out of me going to all the crafting classes? lol

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WOW pictures are here!!!!!


This place is totally fast! I love how they turned out. I thought I wanted something all crazy complicated but turns out I like the simplicity of my photos. Who knew I could be simple?!? I went to pick up my pictures. I got there and they had them all laid out all pretty on a mat. I noticed they didn’t edit out the white trim on my panties like they said they would.So They told me they could quickly edit them and reprint them. I walked around the mall for about an hour. YAY exercise! I went back after my walk and they had edited the pictures and reprinted them. I was thrilled :) The pictures were taken at 30 weeks day 5. The pictures posted were before the editing. I snapped them really quick when they showed them to me on the board.

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31 weeks day 3

Maternity Shoot!!!


I’ve given up a lot of the “special” extras with this pregnancy seeing that I have been fully supporting it on my own. I had picked out a great photographer to do my maternity photos. She was $700. Which from my understanding wasn’t too bad for everything I got. I even got a canvas print. Well I owe $990 on the furniture so that $700 is better left for the furniture instead of pictures. I went to the mall to go make a payment on the furniture and 2 stores down I saw a photo studio. I went in just to see if they even did maternity photos and sure enough they did. The price was only $70. I got 3 poses and 4 sheets of pictures. That doesn’t sound like a lot but up against what everyone else wanted it was a good deal. The lady who runs the place said just what I needed to hear just when I needed to hear it. She said that she was going to “bless” me with an extra sheet as part of their holiday special. At that point I needed any and all blessings. Even if it was just a sheet of pictures. So I booked my shoot and put down my $10 deposit. 

The day of the shoot came and I was just dragging my ass. I called and asked could I move the shoot from 12:30pm to 1:30pm just to give me an extra hour to get myself together. I had gone out searching for pinup outfits for the shoot and everything. I had props and all sorts of stuff. I get there 15 minutes late. My mom and I sit down and look at the photo sample books and found a few ideas we liked. Turns out the I misunderstood the girl when booking and I didn’t get 3 outfit changes just 3 poses. I didn’t need to stress about my clothes at all. The catch was if I used their wraps I didn’t have to pay extra for outfit changes. I used the wraps of course. HeeHee. The photographer made me feel pretty and I had a lot of fun. I’ll get the pictures on the 9th. I can’t wait to see them and share them with everyone. I’m glad I didn’t have to fully give up this “special” extra item during my pregnancy.

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30 weeks day 6