WOW pictures are here!!!!!


This place is totally fast! I love how they turned out. I thought I wanted something all crazy complicated but turns out I like the simplicity of my photos. Who knew I could be simple?!? I went to pick up my pictures. I got there and they had them all laid out all pretty on a mat. I noticed they didn’t edit out the white trim on my panties like they said they would.So They told me they could quickly edit them and reprint them. I walked around the mall for about an hour. YAY exercise! I went back after my walk and they had edited the pictures and reprinted them. I was thrilled :) The pictures were taken at 30 weeks day 5. The pictures posted were before the editing. I snapped them really quick when they showed them to me on the board.

photo 3 (1) photo 2 photo 1


31 weeks day 3

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